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In the minutes ahead. At 6 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s, here is Dave gilden. In the D.C. for the 14th street bridge on three 95, traffic is slow to go eastbound on 6 95 and found the crash beyond south capital street. Believe it's blocking the right side with traffic backed up at the south end of the third street tunnel is affecting drivers heading eastbound toward the 11th street bridge and two 95. In Virginia on the George Washington Parkway, still slow southbound from laying lay past one 23 only one southbound lane open. Northbound, you have two lanes open through the long-term work zone and the new traffic pattern with virtually no delay toward the beltway, but if you need to go into Maryland onto the interloop, you need to be in the right lane early. And this works on it's going to be in place for a couple of years. So get used to it. 66, only minor slowing, eastbound toward Boston and westbound at a fair lakes, the crash before centerville is clear. 95 southbound still slow from lorton across the aka kwon into woodbridge outside of Leesburg, a crash on evergreen mills road between battlefield Parkway and shreve mill road traffic should be alternating pie. Bellway traffic starting to loosen up at the legion bridge in 66 and Montgomery county still slow on the ITER loop, rounding past three 55 in Connecticut avenue. Two 70, brief northbound delays passing through Gaithersburg, Baltimore, Washington Parkway. Miners slowing northbound at a green belt in southbound toward Laurel, 95 built with a beltway good. Route 50, good to go between the beltway and the bay bridge. I'm Dave dildine, WTO P traffic. Let's head on over to WTO meteorologist Mike staniford Mike looks pretty right now, but it could get pretty cold around here later tonight. It will, the winds

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