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The violin let's here for wendy wendy here's how it works wendy i'm gonna ask you sir typical male questions eddie jones gonna ask you sir typical female questions best still tied the and the regulation we go to a nonstop tiebreaker question let us start with the ladies what group of soldiers in the star wars universe are known for their traditional white uniforms i think they're called us true not oh there's stormtrooper it's a cloud class in a year it's a nice uniform series with your bag as we're really nice uniform eddie wind beneath my wings as a song from what '80s movie paul wave i believe no beaches super close all witnesses yup always turned scored zero zero major league baseball is comprised of how many divisions wendy oh it's tough that's a tough yup not a baseball fans let her know this you got thrown a number try that i'll play nine three too many six we have the ails central alias el west nl central nl east and west eddie if you have an appointment at blushes ten this afternoon what are you getting done did you pay bluffing turn blushes ten who are being term yes okay uh they make up that's right flush that smart yet our current score guys of one or here's your question wendy got to get right of the men win chuck norris starred in what tv series were eight seasons.

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