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In the future so based on the fact that grigson has gone and ballot and a guy like polian is standing up and saying this was the route to take i think that's the way to go because clearly they were going in a different direction more concern we're running the football and do what other things rather than protect than their quarterback that's what grigson did ballots not doing that so let's see what happens get out of indianapolis andrew luck and note to john elway you can't invent a franchise quarterback john elway knows this i'm sure better than anyone and he's tried to pay his quarterbacks like middle class quarterbacks i thought he was always done a great job with the broncos look like look look like franchise quarterbacks but andriy luck on the broncos just consider that for a second because it any team it needs a franchise quarterback i'm telling you right now health permitting not only is andrew luck eight franchise quarterback i believe he is v franchise quarterback in the face of this in the near future and he's only twenty eight years old but stephen a he cannot remain in that situation is in danger of becoming archie manning they are wasting the career of a truly special talent and the fact that the owner quit and perhaps the former gm questions andrew luxe toughness the shots he's taken say it's between the ears when it is in a shoal dermot what don't they understand about that.

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