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Of the coolest technologies and put together a system to help maximize yield and efficiency of growing the stem box is a self contained vertical hydroponic pot farm roots mounted in twenty four plastic columns that slide in and out for harvesting are automatically fed precise amounts of water and nutrients a five ton ac two hundred forty plants goldilocks we just plugged in the pump to get the recirculating hydroponic system going now we're going to turn on the lights that's brian i feel like you have to wear shades the state of the art led's lining the stem box are made by massachusetts company the lights are intense and position just right to maximize plant canopy exposure to us officiency equals cost more efficiency lower costs too simple as that stem cultivation ceo kyle moffitt is the money guide he estimates that in the three months it takes to grow forty pounds of pot in a stem box the system will use the same amount of electricity as the average home in a year licensed grow is will rent the boxes and grow the plants moffitt says his startup need seed money what we'd like to do is grow ourselves get a microbusiness cultivator license just for five up to five thousand square feet we're not trying to be because that rnd will help fund the business grow the business by growing minds despite his grown i'll moffitt predicts the future of stem is bright it could get big fast because our objective is so clear we're trying to figure out what is the absolute most efficient way to grow cannabis really any plant and that's why we call it a universal agronomy system can be for anything marijuana could be just the tip of the iceberg lettuce that is there are already few companies in boston using hydroponics in shipping containers to raise crops energy consultant sam milton runs climate resources group in arlington massachusetts for me about this industry is that bridge to a future where we have real sustainable urban agriculture where growing plants that we need to feed our community here in boston imagine energy efficient sustainable vertical indoor farming pioneered in part by pot now that's dank for here now i'm bruce kellerman and you're listening to here now san francisco pursues innovation at a price jobs jobs jobs everything was about jobs we basically created for every eight jobs one new unit of housing london breed the city's mayor elect and a renter herself says housing is her priority i'm vega and that's next time on the takeaway from wnyc npr i public radio international stay with us for the takeaway it'll be a long right after here now.

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