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Than 20 years. Because what we do today helps ensure tomorrow is on. Enbridge, life takes energy. Sports at 15 and 45 powered by maximus. Moving people and innovation forward. All right, Dave Preston, we are smack in the middle of day one of playoff baseball. Wild card game one Sean St. Louis in Philadelphia are scoreless in the 6th and exact Willard Jose Quintana the mound matchup. Cleveland beach Tampa Bay two one is José Ramírez, it's a two run Homer and Shane Bieber strikes out 8 over 7 and two thirds innings. Can I go up next to our Seattle and Tampa Bay, the San Diego Padres play the New York mets in the nightcap NFL commander's wide receiver Jahan dotson is out for Sunday's game with Tennessee tackle Sam Cosby also on the shelf while Titan Logan Thomas questionable, not good news for an offense that ranks 25th in the league and scoring linebacker Milo eifler and safety Percy butler or outline backer David bayo was questionable. College football, Virginia plays Louisville tomorrow, Cavaliers head coach Tony Elliott. We're going to have to handle the junk, kind of like cherokees when they do a lot of different things. They jump in and out of structure. They move guys around. They primarily are built to stop the run with that 7 man structure, because they can get that 7th defender to the box. Other action includes Maryland playing Purdue, Virginia tech, is it pit navies at home against Tulsa for a closer look at the matchups plus which one kippy and Buffy will be tailgating with at Scott stadium hit their serving those little lamb chop lollipops, repressed those picks on the sports page at WTO P dot com. Dave Preston WTO

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