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The ft telling of won't be a good girl or boy and save more money so why should people be putting their money i mean is it with the company's scheme gonna be protected or in fact if you just got to do your own thing well the thing is even if really in does fail the pension protection fund known as the life they will rescue the scheme and mace people apart from the highest on his will see the majority of that payout protected but those you know there's going to be limit to the number of skate every pension scheme in the country failed it wouldn't be able to bail them all outs no indeed not in that that would be a another stern on the way let's turn our attention to some other stories which are in the papers if last year ourselves off a little bit that's fantastic the story actually on the front page of your newspaper which is about the lloyd's building of london where we have we have abated millennial pictures on the front page of the ft standing millennial when the often does that happen standing on the outside of the lloyd's of london building that if you're thinking which one is that isn't that the going through the show the lloyd's of london one is the bombing all of the pipes in the services on the outside say this was designed by i bowled i building once oh did you know for me have you ever declined it i've never climbed it i've been in every single piece of that building and it was bought from age for german overseas property fund the tide it's an amazing all those going to say it's an amazing building isn't it james compared millennial won't to climate and take em no any self fees of themselves when they when they reach the top have drones follow them up outside and film their exploits which they then put on issue and this is rather rattled lloyd's of london people who actually occupy them to the building him all the biggest insurance underwriter in britain sin said i've taken out that in the prices of.

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