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Fame wrestler. Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff dies at the age of 71. He competed in the first ever WrestleMania in 1985, Mr. Wonderful and Rowdy Roddy, one of they go through. Atomic drop double atomic crop, son, Travis says Orndorff suffered from CTE dementia due to blows to the head and the ring before wrestling or Dorf played football at the University of Tampa. Mattel releases a Naomi Osaka Barbie, and it's sorry sold out on Amazon. It's part of Mattel's Barbie role model line Osaka Tweet. She hopes every child is reminded that they can be or do anything after withdrawing from the French Open and Wimbledon for a mental health break. Osaka is expected to compete for Japan. In the upcoming summer Olympic Games. WSB news time 6 25 here for Clark, our the one thing you can do parents to help cure teenagers get off on the right financial foot after we update, Weather and traffic, today's forecast Here's Channel two action News for your oldest pregnant mostly cloudy showers and storms likely especially this afternoon 60% chance of rain and a high of 85. 70 degrees. Now, as we update the morning drive again, Here's Mark McKay in Paulding County Highway 78 Watch Road, All the county surest department says a boy that area and these for the next hour, maybe two power lines are down all the block. They're only open West Side perimeter. Still, sluggers on the interlude. Jody five, North Valley, the Camp Creek Parkway Clearing 1 66. Langford Parkway tripled in traffic. 95.5 WSB at 6 26. Here's WSB consumer expert, Clark Howard. This has been the best summer ever, ever ever for teenagers to.

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