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Brennan. WB's ease traffic on the threes. Brimfield fares back, though that's nice. I'm sure there's going to be a lot of traffic around that. But there we have it. So no complaints in the Weather Department for today, Except for that it's today. Would've been nice over the Labor Day weekend. But there you go. It's so nice for the rest of the afternoon, and that's going to continue. Even if you're getting home late from work. It will be a story story night. Right now. We're looking at mid seventies and the high today 80 degrees tonight below 65 so the showers and thunderstorms arrived Wednesday and Thursday. We'll have a lot more on that coming up. This story is one of those just I can't believe it. You know, Even we work in news for years and years, and you still say Ha! All right, a man accused of leaving his dog to the mercy of the next high tide on the North Shore. Please not guilty to animal cruelty charges. Elias Pacheco, Osario says he's sorry he changed his dog. Who was steel rod at Revere Beach Over the weekend. It was in Chelsea District Court. They released him on $340 cash bail. Now his dog is a £50 pit bull mix that he named killer. And he was found on the beach with a heavy rock attached to his chain to prevent him from escaping from the incoming tie. But he was rescued and he's being cared for at Ocean View Kennels and he's getting a second chance. With a new name as well, lovingly named Carmelo. Chico Osario, due back in court, November 3rd and this story President Biden is visiting parts of the Northeast hard hit by the remnants of Hurricane either is in New Jersey this hour after stopping in New York. Earlier, the storm killed dozens of people in both states. Many drowned in their cars even in their homes, while others were swept away by rushing floodwaters. Speaking alongside New Jersey's governor, Mr Biden called. The loss is profound. My thoughts are with all those families affected by the storms and all those families who lost Someone they love. More help is on the way to hard hit Louisiana from Massachusetts 10. Local firefighters are on their way to support their counterparts. There, the first responders dealing with the fallout and the devastation from Ida. They're equipped with her own P p E, including self contained breathing apparatus. Now there have been a series of deaths post hurricane to people. Dying of carbon monoxide poisoning or suffering burns because they've been trying to operate generators. So many people still without power that could go on for weeks, if not months, because again the infrastructure was damaged. So many power lines thousands down in that storm. Wanna wait? Joining us over a Bloomberg is Tom Busby on this beautiful Tuesday? Hello there, Tom. Hi, Laurie. Well, I have good news. The newest iPhone is almost here Apple today. Sending out invitations to a product launch next Tuesday, is expected to unveil the iPhone 13 lineup of smartphones, along with the new Apple Smartwatch, Boston based state Steep Street Bank is buying a part of Brown Brothers Harriman's investment services. It's paying 3.5 billion in cash on Wall Street. The holiday shortened work after his off to a pretty lousy start. Actually, right now, the Dow is down 192 points. There is good news with the NASDAQ. It's up 29. It was closed at a record on Friday. That's thanks to some text shares the S and P though down. Eight I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg business on WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. And coming up next. A grim milestone when it comes to Cova cases in this country. That's next at 1 15. Alexa Play WBZ NewsRadio..

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