Donald Trump, Wisconsin, President Trump discussed on The Brian Lehrer Show


To espouse these views maybe with the tribal media the way it is not actually available to you and i'm i'm curious did you lose your radio show because the audience deserted you because they were much more protrump than you were once you you know your your conscious led you to say what you believed not just what you thought your audience wanted to here in the last year and a half was it that simple were close to that uh but i decided to retire before this all happened for a variety of personal reasons which i have just which have discussed a elsewhere but i certainly the of did find that was much easier to leave that job because of donald trump and and throughout the year i fully understood that i was losing the audience of that i understood that a for a lotta conservatives conservative talk radio was are safe space they didn't want to hear things the challenged what they wanted to believe in even in a state like wisconsin that had voted overwhelmingly against donald trump there was this pressure you know you should be bashing hillary clinton you should not be criticising donald trump and again that's this this vortex of of tribal loyalty out there that that i think that anybody in the conservative media has to confront and i'm curious what happens to people like you and george will and william kristol who were known to and vilified by people on the left as archconservatives for all these years and are suddenly all over the media being against trump all the time what happens when trump goes away what happens if he's impeach let's say and mike pence becomes president of the united states do you go back this george wells' william kristol go back to advocating things like the bush tax cuts or that style tax cuts which you know some version of that may be coming back now repeal and replace for the republican model against abortion rights again the fifteen dollars minimum wage maybe paris climate accord iran arms deal for voter id photo id for vouchers does that when trump if trump goes away especially in midstream does the alignment go back to where it was including for you.

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