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This video even if to just an extra two minutes to. Process Laurie it would cools cues of seventeen. Miles at Dover and there will be similar case in Calais and Dunkirk. The slow goods wouldn't just empire Impact the whole supply chain claims that highways could become. Parking lots some British supermarket chiefs have warned that could be food shortages and one even claimed. Civil unrest might break out but William Bain former lawmaker who represents the retail. Industry would not go that far I think the key thing is that British consumers have become used to getting the food that. They want the quality that they want at the price that they want when they want and the problem that we have is a no. Deal Brexit would put those sensitive supply, chains risk time is rapidly running out for there, to be an amicable divorce settlement a recent poll showed that most Britons, are completely fed up, with the painful negotiations, and what the whole process to be completed another survey showed that they. Were about one hundred parliamentary constituencies or districts which voted to, leave during the referendum that would opt to remain, should they be given a second opportunity but the chances. Of there being a second referendum Miniscule bricks it wouldn't. Just mean severing trade links some fear Britain could leave the European police agency EuroPol and lose. Vital intelligence at a time of international terrorism civil commissioners who hold Britain's police. Forces to account of told the government that the public could be put at risk Matthew Scott is the Commissioner in Kent the. County where Dover is located is potential for both British and a u. ortganizations to lose access to information about very dangerous people and what. We're trying to emphasize is that if, there is no deal on security both sides Stanton Doc in Brixham Fisher exporter Steve Farah regrets the isolation of Britain but hopes cool.

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