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Into are always presented by progressive insurance. But this is monster because not only are we talking to America right now. But the man the myth the legend, Tim or heart sock is rolling in studio. Let's get random applause there for Tim Hart sock. Been everybody has a studio audience in his own office. So let me get this straight. Your dad is in your actual studio in your house than watching you do radio, but yet cannot actually hear the show. So he just looking at you talk into a microphone he's walking around my office right now. And he's looking at I have all my offices were have my football career paraphernalia on perk up right there like realize we're talking about him on the play. Guys cut from. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's I can reach out and touch him right now. He's decided to take a seat right next to me. Yeah. And what's funny is my parents are visiting from Ohio I live in Georgia. And so my mom is listening in the kitchen. And so there's all kinds of moving parts happening right now on national highway lovely MRs heart sock. Miss doing MRs heart sock is here. She's in the house. Said that listen, you don't know the history between doing our listeners and mama heart sock. It's. I was gonna play the cougar sound bite. But I'm not going to do that. I would be unfair to you. And everybody this morning. All right. All right. Let's get. I'm have you family or they're? Yeah. That's right. We're having right eight we gotta be honest with you, gotta be honest with you. My wife has called in once we might have to have mama heart sock in on this radio program a little bit eight seven to nine three seven seven six heart sock. She could go straight off the Mike. I could just give up the house phone. Here's here's the deal. She probably wouldn't tell me that Jimmy bell got traded in place for the.

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