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About safety enhancements one of the reasons you won't hear as many details today as you know we still haven't had the chance to to go through this with Brian and his team with the other drivers in the garage but winds feedback as we go through this will be key box forty six is Josh Sam's reporting he says Roush Fenway plans hold a news conference this afternoon at twelve forty five at Las Vegas motor speedway where we hope to get more details about Ryan Newman's injuries Ross testing will drive the number six cartel name is returned which leads us into W. B. T. sports on the race itself today in Vegas here's fox Metropolitano after a wet and wild weekend in Daytona NASCAR's top drivers look to roll the dice today in Las Vegas for racing in the Pennzoil four hundred Joey Logano took on the checkered flag last year in this race something about Vegas it kinda clicked for me right off the bat it's been a really good race track forces finally won here we're gonna try to become the fourth drive to go back to back and this one at Las Vegas motor speedway joining the likes of Jeff Burton Matt Kenseth Jimmie Johnson who won this one biggest three years in a row from two thousand five to two thousand seven green flag waves in the Pennzoil four hundred at three thirty PM eastern man about town fox name colleges Baylor's twenty three game winning streak comes to an end at the hands of big twelve rival Kansas number three J. hawks beating the top ranked bears sixty four sixty one which will likely move Kansas up to the top of the AP men's basketball poll on Monday because number two Gonzaga also was defeated falling to BYU in a blowout ninety one seventy eight tar heels lose to low level seventy two fifty five at W. BT we lead local I'm Jeff Atkinson WBTV news the Chris Ferrell show Sunday February twenty third twenty twenty I am on the east coast my name is Chris Ferrell host in fact that's probably how I we are now taking applications for hosts the Chris Ferrell show No experience required would help if your name's Chris Farrell well.

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