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You all to do as well. And maybe we can have a whole session where we just plain namedrop for it can bring equipment and we can own music and so how people write original songs to another for. You can do that one name name name name name name draw dip name sort of. That's good that was good. Everybody come up with the namedrop song long and then we'll do a whole namedrop get another. I love that. The dog was awful Hanson. As we do anything the following my hand would do it again in person one at a time all conduct. Okay take turn Dounia drop game job. contributive Baba Oh name name job. Choubey do up yeah. I was a good one. I enjoyed that better. I like really really phenomenal really areas. Here's the deal we have done our thanksgiving episodes. The we push ricky. What if we could? If you WANNA follow Doria you can follow her at a uh up not know thanksgiving. You'll be posting your gravy recipe. That didn't happen. Dari is coming up. Teams Dot Com you both facts facts malone and also get automatic pin right Reading Reading Automated Dot Com. Thank you thank you both on all social media and she's talking about life coach Dot Com about life coach which dot com C. J. C. J. J. a. y. l. y. f. e. y.. Because she let him. I'm Hello Ross. And the program is hello. Ross Vogel everybody. Let's do if you can check out the KISS DOT COM. We're putting a lot of work into it and we're grateful for all of you over there. It's the whole way to just blow up your straight talk experience. It's a wig. Maybe if you have any extra wigs hanging around Listen and at the end the day you know Everyone like we were talking about in the middle of the show. Everyone has everyone has down and you touched on it. This show is just a bright spot in sometimes very dark world. So we're only fifty percent of it you all. All the listeners are the other half so thank you for keeping your end of the bargain up it. We'll continue to your our part as well. Visually the holiday seasons. We're GONNA get Joe Holly Jolly All right so if you've got any holiday blues WHO's come here for all right. Everyone we love you at Daria. Thank you so much for coming in Philly. Our bags seat procedure. I love it all right. And how did you feel. In fact they see just to put our site C. I love it. I'm a different personality over here. You want do you want to fight him for that. We can have a seat off. Okay Yeah I actually I really love it. I'm more comfortable here feel better. We'll have to. We'll have to have that fight on air okay. Oh that's Nike. I forgive you I love you until your Turkey even in with your flaws alright. Everyone Punch you so. This is just another typical Thanksgiving with family uh-huh..

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