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Josh hammer. Josh is newsweek. Opinion editor a research fellow with the edmund burke foundation he previously worked at kirkland ellis in clerked for judge james c of the. Us court appeals for the fifth circuit. He'll be s from duke university and a j d from the university of chicago law. School josh is on to discuss his new harvard journal of law and public policy as a common good originalism. Our tradition and our path forward. The essay grew out of a piece that he wrote. As part of symposium with claremont institute's publication. The american. Mind that i our founder and director hadley arcus also contributed to its for a lot of a potential exploration of path forward for conservative jurisprudence. And so we're really pleased to have him with us. Also joining us on. Podcast is one of our interns. Tom's roof tom. Why don't you get started josh. Give us a sense of what you understand. Conservatism to be specifically. How does the common good relate to conservatism as a value. Right because leftism has collectivism as a common good value. But why is that antithetical to your project from the left. And then from the right. What distinguishes you from someone. Like professor adrian mule and his concept of common good constitutionalism. Sure yeah so garrett and james wilson's shoot. Thanks so much for for having me back. I i take pleasure in hinting. A return guests of this wonderful program so happy that you're kicking us off on this. No because i think defining what conservatism is or at least have as i construe it is definitely kind of a necessary precondition of sorts for understanding. Why the our understanding why what is currently offered as a purportedly conservative jurisprudence simply does not rise to that occasion. So you know look i A lot of this is going to be Beyond the confines of what we can talk about here. I think scholars continue to debate. What conservatism is. But you know speaking. Personally my own you of of what. Conservatism is is definitely informed. Quite heavily by my my colleague In many ways kind of One of not my of preeminent mentor Which is a euro-zone as the president of the burke foundation. Where research fellow. And he's understanding. What conservatism is which i think most clearly outlined the twenty seventeen american affairs journal long-form essay with our other colleague for your high avery. Abi i think it's closest to what i have in mind when i talk about conservatism..

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