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You know it's like okay? Well we've got to got to change the way we look at things because the commute around. That's what makes us happened and No we have all our partners museum we do have some great partners Ritz Carlton of course We Have Military Sealift Command. If you want to send guys out there We have your local. You know from day one. They've got restaurants here locally you know these type of Supporters I mean everything for pizza places to Asian places French fine dining Basically we just worked our butts off to make sure that people around this I want to be part of us. Not expecting them to and Treated them like you know they were part of us in that. That was a gift or opportunity for them though and So somebody's interested in the success program how to get a hold of your head of they get involved well known in website vets dot org or you know what. I recommend really is Just facebook find us on facebook bets to success on facebook Can't miss us. It's a cool logo. Looks almost like a military Chevron and then check it out on. Reveille meal you know what I ask everybody to do. Even if you don't and you're not interested in best test becoming part of it if you can spread that message you may be giving somebody else opportunity to be a part of and maybe save a life so go like the page. Go down to community click community. Invite your friend Apollo like it Because that's how we were able to make a difference in this world. I mean I can tell you we've had graduates of age. Sixty six years old who dot their lives were over And didn't have a career option and were thinking about taking their lives and they came through best success and now they're basically part time manager of a restaurant in loving their lives and able to pay rent and able to live their lives and excited about tomorrow again. we've had guys come through twenty four Who Dot was done? They were ready to sign off. And now this guy. He manages trucking company Because that's what he wanted to get back into You know this is you. You know this. This program is supposed to change the way you look at your life in giving you something to live for give you purpose again And teach you about your identity. So you know. That's if anything else if we saved one we've saved family from dealing what my family's gone through. Yeah it's it's awesome. You're doing great things Talk just a little bit. We're getting close univer time. You Run into nonprofit VESTA success you run on a for profit. Rivoli meals a little bit about the difference between really like just being in love with culinary and being a chef versus actually running the mechanics of the business. Wow you know. It's funny because it's so hard to put down knife sometime And let somebody else pick it up. And that's been my biggest my biggest hurdle. Because I'm so passionate about what I do. I love. I love experimenting and playing. And what I've done now. Just kind of sit moon side. My little playtime Where I cut cook and play the way I want to and You know I'm still part of the process in a lot of ways with with Because when it comes to the training and introduction then you know mind. Mapping Menus mapping opportunities But it's been really you've been a shoe transition because I'm so used to be into worker. I'm so used to being the person who gets done to the person on relying for somebody else to get it done. That is a that is a tough tough transition From a worker to I guess I'm GonNa call you but a leader Below trend found that I think a lot of struggle with that. Because we're getting their hands dirty and making things happen all the time we that. Let us to stay in an often a distance and watching things happen. Well you know it's funny is that we're used to working with our troops not watching our troops work And in the NCO. Course I mean that's what they teach you know you you don't you don't do anything that they couldn't do or they can't do And so does mindset. You know it's a great thing to a degree because you know. Sometimes I have to be in thirty other places than cutting carrots you know and I'm not crazy. I really Wanna cut those carriage though because I love it But it's it's been amazing journey I'm excited for what we're about to do. Were really you know my focus community impact through the nonprofits to impact the business It's going to be different model. You know a lot of company companies wants you to ship all over the United States. We're not going to go that route lease. That's not my goal I want to impact community input. Higher veteran drivers hire veterans at Coke's hired veterans and their spouses We're actually open up Bets Houston says POPs before South This year GRANDPA really seen that day. Too they go through transition and they need reintegration so Hopefully we'll be hiring revenue meal soon and You know that makes some difference in their lives as well. Because it's a dude. I you know I saw. My mom leaves the military. My Dad did. My mom lost all her friends. She lost all her. You know her sisters and you know people around her so you know it. It affects the family. Yeah so So Brian Did you guys ever experiment on the farming side together. Experience with the micro Greens grown your own micro. Greens that kind of thing. Yeah we actually were looking into micro green table on the actually was a big thing That we were going to get into on DNA chef Michael Greens or something. I use on a regular basis actually In blends I know blends and flavors and Pungency and Acidity and these types of things at certain breeds so We're definitely going to have that program coming back up And we're actually going to be more focused and That's dollar production microbiome production we did. We did tomatoes strawberries past years Just to see you know what the more so of what the community loved it. What they liked We did very well. Restaurants received the product very well And so we're hoping to jump back into the game with a small start up again To be able to continue to make revenue for the nonprofit as well as our our fears shelters insiders that we want to produce in the future. There's a guy here in Kansas City. We've been talking with He his companies biogen egg and has trailers or connex boxes different sizes totally self contained h VAC climate temperature controlled and in. He uses no soil and no late getting tied to an alcoholic for all our gross systems. I just think it's a better better way. No issue with permaculture is that we're running out of land in most of the I hate to say it like this lovely becoming contaminated or even stripped of all its natural material And so we've taken so much from the ground. We haven't been back that we have to get to let let it sit and we have to come up with new innovative approaches in order to not continue to hurt land. We love well. Hey Brown. We're about out of time If you if you're talking to the guys in the military by get out someone going through transition look into starting on profit looking to go into business for themselves. What kind of advice comes to mind? You know You know I would say you know who you are I You know. Make sure this is who you truly want to be A nonprofit Nobody in my organization not even myself from student paycheck two and a half years And so that's how long problems running And REVEILLE meals Very young business And it devotes I would say if I had an extra three days to add to I would be using it already. and You know it's gotta be it's gotTa be of purposeful mission and Do purpose or don't do it at all If it's a passion you know find purpose in the passion for you started Because it is it is life changing and be watching for a great thing or a bad thing awesome. We'll Hebron appreciate you sharing your very stories of your trials. Tribulations in success led the glad to see things are going great for you looking forward to your future success and thanks for coming on the show. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate the time. You Bet. These two veterans some asking a veteran on the move your pathfinder to freedom if you like the show. We were review. Jews reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike..

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