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They have seen it all if they want to bring it down man, it'll be a barn fire for sure. We should read a book about that. Oh, my goodness, gracious. This is funny. This is funny. Well, you know what? What's the plan? You're gonna keep writing books. I read an interesting statistic. The other day, this is kind of depressing eighty five percent of people who buy book never open it. That's crazy. So self help is really a shelf help. They just stick it on shelf. I think a lot of people like to get those books and they put them up there just to look smart. So here's the plan within that statistic, there's another statistic of the fifteen percent who do open it up and read it seventy five percent of them only read one chapter. No kidding. No kidding. Yeah. So my plan is my next book will be one chapter long. Yeah. I'm not kidding. It'll be a good idea to be an introduction explaining what I just said, and then one big old chapter. Yeah, just put some blank pages in there with a lot of pretty pictures. You know, my friend, Michael Knowles with daily wire. Michael wrote a bestselling book, New York Times bestselling book and had no words in it, and it was called. All the things that Democrats, no, no, I dislike the title basically slam on what Democrats know and it was just a blank book being retired slash recovering coach. I have a book that I published just like that. It's called everything parents know about coaching and it's one hundred sixty blank pages. That's hilarious. Great concept. Best ideas, stolen one. You know you talk about that. I did a video couple years ago about literally. I did a couple of videos about little league in how crazy parents are in stuff like that. And we're living in a weird day and age. When you talk about here, here's the thing that kind of gets in my craw. This is an issue and hopefully our recorder here doesn't die on the batteries. We're gonna talk fast, but when we talk about things like success, you can't have success unless you're willing to compete. I don't care where you are in life. I don't care what you do. You got to compete. You got to compete with the guy and the cubicle next to you or whatever it may do. You gotta you got to compete. If you're going to raise your children, you have to compete with the voices in the forces of the outside that are pressing in circumstantial. On that, and but we live in this day and age of participation trophies, which I hate, and everybody looks at competition as being a bad thing. You know what I mean? There's football leagues that are out there for kids where like they don't allow cheering in the in the stands. They don't have apparent collapse or something like that. They get onto things like that. Funny thing with that. And you know, we're sitting here in a conference room and hotel in Boston down the street from Boston University. One of my friends, the sports psychologist, and he was at byu and he was explaining to me, they did a study and asked kids if you know what's one thing. We're gonna have a special game at the end of the year. This hockey season's youth hockey. And what's what's the one thing you want you want special uniforms? Do you wanna play like in a college arena? Would he wanted to? We don't want our parents to come. Really? Yeah. And that's interesting. What else? What other nuggets of wisdom did you glean from these kids? He said, what was a league where they stop keeping score like they didn't light up the scoreboard and keep score. We found out after each of the games. Those kids kept score anyway in their head, they all knew the war was even though it was outlawed. We're not gonna keep school or everyone gets a trophy. They all New Zealand, like their parents are ruined the experience trying to live vicariously through them and the kids all know what the score is, whether you're, you're quote, competing technically are not funny. I was. I just came back from a data we've done in Kabo in find that with some some friends that I made down there at the place where we stayed in and I was sitting next to them, they actually on the same plane coming back..

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