President Trump, Milwaukee Police, Ted Wheeler discussed on Glenn Beck


Out Fox's Lily and well, details it live. Say there were 1.76 million jobs added to the economy last month, some analysts that we'd see a gain of 1.6 million jobs. Also better than expected the unemployment rate dropping the 10.2% now where these jobs, leisure and hospitality, understandably accounting for 1/3 of the jobs with food services and drinking places, adding more than half a 1,000,000 This brings us to 8.76 million jobs added in three months, but we lost more than 22 million. At the height of the pandemic. Dave will instill a compromising Congress on extra unemployment and other economic stimulus and this virus crisis. There's a handful of very big issues that were still very far apart. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin we have always said That the Republicans and the president do not understand the gravity of the situation we could answer below, see the houses off next week. The Senate's already adjourned for a long weekend. President Trump's suggest he could provide stimulus by executive order. He's also taken action attempting to ban TIC Tac and we'd chat over privacy concerns with the Chinese owned APS. They deny sharing information on Americans with the Chinese government. There are more protests last night in Portland, Oregon, and Mayor Ted Wheeler's urging them to stop the violence and clashes with police outside of precinct when you commit arson with an accelerant In an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people that you have intentionally trapped inside. You're not demonstrating you are attempting to commit murder in Milwaukee Police oversight board demoted police chief Alfonzo Morales to captain replacing him with an acting chief in a unanimous vote over the use of tear gas and pepper spray on anti police protesters..

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