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Slash MS awareness Good morning it's 5 18 Traffic and weather on the 8th Jack Taylor on the traffic center Heber's in Virginia it's kind of an unexpected delay unfortunately from overnight work 66 going eastbound You've got the delay at nutley by the time you get to the beltway lanes are open but the clearing stages we'd got work from the overnight with just the left lane getting by So again a lot of cones and barrels to pick up out of the roadway but just work your way to the right side as you get toward the after the work zone then you're past all those cones but again that's in the clearing stages 66 east after nightly toward the beltway got the left lane getting by the ramp to the inner loop Apparently has reopened 66 west at the beltway we had an overnight work crew as well They'd had the left lane getting by We've got an investigation from a serious wreck down in woodbridge The lanes on route one are closed both ways northbound traffic will diverted poor Potomac dry avenue and southbound traffic will diverted cardinal drive till further notice Three 95 looks good coming out of Springfield No worries yet riding all the way up toward the 14th street bridge beltway is fine The district we had a rack on 12th street northwest going southbound lanes had been closed after constitution avenue that wreck is now gone with lanes open Freeway looks good Getting a little heavier though third street tunnel going northbound riding up toward New York avenue no troubles on New York avenue coming in from northeast riding toward northwest Maryland stretched to the beltways fine between Bethesda and oxen hill There is some activity on the northbound spur just after the beltway a crash had been moved off the roadway to the right side but police may still be in that far right lane There have been reports of some debris maybe insulation dropped on two 70 south after middlebrook had been along the right side of the roadway and we've got a vehicle off the roadway down in a ditch in upper Marlboro I believe Marilyn state authorities are on three O one down near Leland road You'll find yourself under direction Jack Taylor WTO traffic Okay Mike Jennifer with our forecast and mic this looks like pretty good one It is first day of meteorological spring and my allergies are letting me know that yes it's pollen season across the region.

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