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T h e tracker t r a c k r dot com slash worldly 20 percent off you'll love it it will help you find the things you've lost even if you have dogs and toddlers for us where we're shifting to a vastly different part of the world and a vastly different kind of story which is to beijing where our president has been on a multiple day visit showering love not on the saudi royal family been set on the leaders of beijing who have showered back and they've done it in a very visual way cannons firing flagwaving jumping children more jumping children to general sheme shown why are the jumping children why that is a fantastic question so the search trump is in china to round out his big twelve day asia trip he is knowing going there to meet with xi jinping the president of china and essentially i so our colleague zeeshan aleem has a really great piece up on on the site volkstaat com about this and how world leaders have freely figured out how to kind of manipulate donald trump and we actually saw this in saudi arabia when he went to the middle east when he went to saudi arabia they roll out the red carpet stay do all the pomp and circumstance they really cater to his ego and flattery and try to show him how respected and how important he is because they know he responds welded at and the idea is to kind of try to get him.

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