Algo, Bible discussed on Friendship Baptist Church


Church starts at nine thirty we go to our Bible study in our Sunday school class and we come to our worship service but it all starts at nine thirty we want come Sunday school hope there in your Sunday school class we need to bring folks with us it's not the person sitting in front of the a B. side you're behind you that's supposed to bring somebody you know what happens when you bring people to church there are spiritual blind they begin to see the light thank god for folks that have been brought when they sat under the preaching in the teaching of the word of god that the Holy Spirit convicted them of Santa righteousness and judgment now this wasn't just a casual Hey would you like to go with me I remember the first person that I invited to church you get saved his name was Greg Hollinger are we were in as in the ninth grade we were in biology together and we were in some lab together and we had a special meeting at the church so we were all told to invite somebody in I didn't know Greg very well to time but I invited in I really didn't even like but I vase problem I can come anyway that's what you think is a is a his only algo I remember a week several months later after week after week coming saying another gospel my pastor Sam can nine leading great Hollinger to say now is our lord Jesus Christ.

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