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You know you. You said this in response in that keep. He wasn't creating like a false reality around what happened. He wasn't making up facts or descriptions or anything like that. So i mean she and she even tried to define it as like gas. Lighting is when you act like it's all the other person's fault will no. That's not gassing we do that all the time at fault invites you know because oftentimes we think it was all the other person's of it so you know obviously that would not count as gas lighting. So yeah and i think when when katie defined it herself which i believe was on the after the final rose when she was sitting there with them and she said you gas let me. You made me question myself for you. Made it all my fault. It was just like well. Wait if that's your definition of gas leading than yeah. I guess he did. But that's not what we understand to be the definition of gas lighting. So no he didn't but it doesn't mean he didn't do anything wrong. It doesn't mean that he couldn't have argued that conversation better. They both made a lot of mistakes in that. I don't you know like i've said from the second episode aired was just like i don't. I'm not on any team here. It just seems like two people that had a very very poor communication between each other. He could have said things better. She could have said things better. There doesn't need to be this black and white you if you like. What katy did in that conversation. Then you're dead wrong or if you liked with greg did you're dead wrong. It's just why can't we just look at things a little more gray. Now what's wrong with that. Yeah it's unpopular thing to do. I mean my guess for why people don't like nuance or the gray. You say this is sort of. This has just kind of riffing hypothesizing. But i think maybe.

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