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At some point i guess gene roddenberry and burman and others decided that they would free our characters up to essentially have relationships with aliens of whatever was straight planet either troyer reiger would cut ago all kirk on somebody this is by 25 origin stories a love letter to science fiction and the fans and creators who made itself powered by sifi wire and this episode brought to you by motorola and the modo z to force i'm adam savage and on this episode you'll hear the conversation i had with sciencefiction actor authored and director jonathan frakes while these most wellknown for his iconic role as commander william t reicher on star trek the next generation i discovered that he began his career in the tights of another very famous captain but once aboard the enterprise he continued to go where no man has gone before making appearances on star trek deep space nine voyager and enterprise as well as directing several episodes on those series these days he works as well the voice over actor and director in the world's of science fiction including the role of jason and marvels guardians of the galaxy animated series jonathan and i hit warp nine in no time and discuss how he got a seat on the enterprise how he and the crew changed the course of science fiction as we know it and why he wouldn't want to be spiderman so settle in and prepare for quite a journey.

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