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People back. They finally bury large berry. Growing operation, and they weren't growing daffodils people. Okay. So. Let's put aside. The fact that. Oh, yes. Towards the tragedy. Eight people died the whole family. Yeah. American family went off a cliff. I'd like to know Chris when the evidence comes out how much cash was located. You know, we're the money. I also it appeared to me they had a chop. Shop going on. Church every Sunday. So it's tragic how they? Did die. But they you know, you can't choose your family. But you can't choose to leave. Everybody that got kicked out. What's going on? And. Willpower to walk away at any time chose any sympathy for Sophea the little four year old only one care about. Because like, I said, thank you. Thanks. You cannot choose your family. And when you're gonna go. That's it. And. And it's sad. It's happening to her age. But in a way, that's kind of good because a lot of this. You probably won't remember it will be brought up. Right up to a lot of the details. Later on to her in light. But that's the sad thing is now she's going up with no parents, no grandparent's, no real family because both families are now wiped out all because of one stupid redneck Brier hopping. Start right. Don. Take him out ourselves plan. I'm not. Ain't gonna parts. Take too long. But I. Doc somewhere else. No, no. Because of that dumb ass redneck after. Entire wiped off the planet earth girl. We had nothing to do with any of it. Chris happy thanksgiving and thank you. Call now. One last thing Cording to media accounts, Jake, Wagner, twenty-six started dating Hannah who's dead when she was thirteen and he was seventeen they were like betrothed to each other by the patriarchs of the Wagner, the rodent family. Now, thirteen years old match diamond has had a bit young thirteen thirteen. I assume she is zoom Hannah who was murdered at the. When she started dating at thirteen was probably a seventh or eighth grader and Jake was seventeen. And so, but the families approved because in that culture, the patriarch maybe the matriarch decides who gets married when and how they get married. They plant according to media accounts. They plan the pregnancy of Sofia. Okay. How does it thirteen year old plan the pregnancy? I don't get it. They plan the pregnancy is Sophia and they plan to get married in August twenty seven twenty twenty fifteen they each headbands wedding bands tattooed on their left ring fingers. He also bought her engagement ring. But somehow they broke up, but Sophia the baby was there because how do you plan to pregnancy? When women are the tri-state. Can you think back when you were thirteen years old as the seventh or eighth grader were you planning pregnancies at that point what someone who was seventeen years old? I don't think so let's continue. We've got Lyndon Joey and many others lend. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Lynn, go ahead. I just have a couple of questions. I just wanted to know if you know what counties are housing the rest of the family of the year, the families there's one in Butler county, which is which is the worst one. But but the other ones the thirties have not announced where they are that they've they worry that other branches of the Appalachian family may assault the jail. So they put one in Butler county, and no one's gonna assault. Richard k Jones's jail, but George Billy Wagner, forty seven. The worst of the group he's in Butler county, he ain't going anywhere. But the other ones they've not announced the pike county doesn't have a jail. Right. So I don't know. Yeah. I'm just wondering if you would have any interest in starting to go fund me fun for. The wagner. No, no. I know. But but think about this. I want to know this marijuana grow operation and the chop shop they had gone on with these cars, where's all the cash because they didn't put the cash in a Bank, and I tend to accurate I tend to think they probably didn't file tax returns. I'm not sure, but the generally drug dealers don't file tax returns in an Appalachia to have a marijuana grow. Operation is not a big deal. I mean, it's not like you're doing something wrong. You know what I'm saying? Right. And so the Wagner's and the roads lived off that way of life kept within themselves married within the family's things that character..

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