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My mission Alvarez throw him in also not too shabby and and I'm certain there are would have seven dollars written down I go these guys go for a hundred fifty games for me this is the line up I don't need any information no one of configuration because they're they're deep inner growth so I would think that that would be an obstacle overall how old I don't think you can pull a rabbit out of that two years in a row of men have as many injuries as the New York Yankees had but I I think the Vegas is pretty close to on the spot I look at the the big three still it's the Dodgers Yankees and Astros I'd like with the Yankees did when you bring your call over the internet that speech in some bodies right there does that do to change the complexion of something very quickly when he goes out there and dominate your you can so you gotta gets water there do they doubt about that the Astros could be the one hurdle in their way on the way to a World Series not disagree with that many Yankees dentistry they can beat the Astros lost two men seventeen lost in the nineteen cheapness side and internationally gazed it's a loaded I mean you got to nationals won the World Series you got the Braves have won the division back to back years still loaded with young talent the Phillies Heidi old co worker Joe Girardi who knows a thing or two about managing a winning team and then you have the Mets you will get this division right now bill would you like the most in the NL east well I still have to lean towards the nets in the Braves new brakes one two divisions you well then that's expanding world champion all right behind them icon appear the map in the Phillies together I think both of whom Alves as much I'm sorry you know to possibly win the division on the Mets pitching savage a reason why I've always liked him and then it's the reason why I don't like them because for some reason or another all of them don't seem to go out there on the ball and when they all do go out on the ball they don't seem to perform like they should but I think the upside of both of those clubs right there could certainly put them into the mix and I don't think it's a a large difference you know between the top first boys in fourth place when it comes to you in a lease is going to be a fun diversion watch for shore all but the New York Mets there's the art would run one out there and how many it's standard guard figure this thing out thank you become a one two combination with this dude there's no reason to think the Mets can't be all playing really relevant games in September if not being at the top of the division before we get chat him mad you lived on believable baseball life you grow up in this great baseball family you have a great big league career we stick around for a long period of time that you're on TV or writing books you feel like a baseball lifer my mail like where it's still within you day in and day out like was that what you were thinking when you put this book together madness some I want to go your I think what this book was and I told you that I wanted to give small school people some love and let everybody know that these guys are pretty smart I've been over the network now this is your eleven and I was there since day one not in every day of the year but I do a hundred plus shows a year and when you add that up over the course of that decade any good segment or any good breakdown bills blackboard whatever I put out this book seems to be the place that you could put everything that I've talked about over time and once again I can go back and talk about the two books that I call up there with my brother play baseball the rigging worry use baseball book in coaching baseball directly where youth culture book and my beliefs and my thought process I got from my father and you hit it better the other team a new window and that held true in the fifties and old true now didn't did you catch it better the other team if you win and if you do those things right if you capture too often Grover you're supposed to be a coach others can find ways to make it to let you for well the little stuff I really enjoyed the book I'm thirty one years old but I hope I can fit it is an old school guy you know brought along with the old school guys I like the van stats but it gets a little too crazy for me you start talking Warren what not not that we judge in a bass player to leave a little too much of a mile I can you know what I mean well ideally what thirty one yeah you can still qualify we will qualify you Moore's New Yorker and the attitude alone makes your old school do I like that but listen keep up the great work I really enjoyed the book and all the success in the world right I do appreciate your time they have a great Billy ripkin MOB network at all believable book you want to check it out and eighties the state appointed the old school guide to new school baseball lot more to do eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six update on here is the my cell towers down.

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