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Calling? Be Prepared for that your cold calling them right and so your interrupting them from a regular business operation that they're currently doing so. If you're not ready, you don't have something for them, or you're not changing the way that they're thinking about something then they're going to reject you, so you need to know that you're interrupting them and you need to know what to say in the right ways in in in a confident way. That's going to add value to their lives. Lives or Aska thought provoking question, so that's the second one. The third one I would say is is to really be disciplined about it and all I mean like this is. It's going to suck. It's not going to be fun, and if you can't hear that and still do something then you're not made for the job, but if you can push through that Brian. Tracy is a great sales trainer guy that I look up to very very much, and he wrote a book called eat. That frog wasn't that Brian Tracy. Brian Tracy who knows guys written like seventy books. You know he's like ninety years old too so. It's not hard to write a book every year for ninety years. Now, I'm just kidding Brian I love you. Brian wrote that book. Eat the frog figure out. What's your hardest? I was going to pull out my my journal, but I don't have it down here with me. Figure out what your hardest task is. And I'm a firm believer that we all have decision juice throughout the day as you make more decisions and Jaakko will will jacker will disagree with me on this but Jaakko. I get up earlier than you. So if you're listening to this I, challenge you to make it from four thirty to four am. Get on my level, but. I. Know, it's funny because one of his closest friends in the Tim Ferriss says the exact opposite of Jaakko, and you believe what I believe a bit. There's something called decision fatigue and Why Steve Jobs whereas a black shirt every single day, I mean every single. No, if you're going through your day and you have chipped children to make decisions about you have a spouse to make decisions about you have a business to make, you gotta eat. You got to figure out what you're eating. What you're wearing, I have podcasts shirts less than six feet away from here. There's podcast shirts Everyti- down without a shirt on I. put one of my podcasts. Shirts arm ready to go because. If you get to three PM and you still have to make fifty cold calls. You think you're going to do that. No, not happening so in the morning you probably can not get a hold of me until after lunch because those four to five hours. I'm not worried about anything. New I'm not worried about any shiny object I'm worried about my profit producing activities, and until those are done i. do not allow myself to do anything else in most days. I don't even eat until one o'clock because that's not important to me until then, but I also do intermittent fasting, so that's something that I have to abide by too because. Because when you're on X. Offensive Linemen, that way three hundred and thirty five pounds, and you still have appetite as a guerilla. You have to be careful. How much you eat I can tell you work out, and and and you know you got your stuffed under control, but I. I got I gotTa limit that eating window because I can eat a steak every single hour. But I. Think it's those three things man. It's disciplined. Eating that frog early it's no that you're interrupting people and Delineate between the rejection of who you are and what you are offering to somebody. If those three things I can get over to people I think they'll have so much more success. Absolutely love it absolutely and I. Totally agree you know there's a book by Robin Sure McCall The five am club. Absolutely Amazing Book and I I've probably read this book three or four times at this point but I. I had an episode in the beginning of Twenty twenty call at the Five Am Club in. It's something I literally to my listeners about every single time we get on the horn, because it's that important Yup Logan by ten am by ten am whether I have the council, the rest of my day, because of an emergency or by or I, or just feel like taking the day off I would have accomplished every single major important facet of my life at ten am because I wake up. Up at five am, because for the first two hours, folks myself because I go workout right after that, and because I, eat that frog from eight to ten and I do most important things in my business, no matter what I get done between eight and ten, so that by ten am even though I have a day full of calls, I may have appointments. I may have an entire day that lasts until eleven pm, but I know by ten am. If I need to council entire day I can because I've done the most important thing in my business to keep it moving forward now i. Have a question that I haven't asked before, but I've been thinking about adding this to our last six questions that acts to every single guest, or you're gonNA. Be I I. Ask because I think it's really interesting to help a lab first time. Investors in entrepreneurs really think about how to build a business so. Again we may, we may guys remain introduces as part of our final round here shortly. We'll see how this goes, but ultimately I WANNA know Logan. If if I were to take away all of your resources, all of your money and all of your contacts all you had left. Was Your your knowledge and expertise in what you do. How would you build yourself back.

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