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If he doesn't want to sit out the year and he thinks song Cosign and play somewhere else. You do kind of have to let him go. But you know, if he says yeah you know like being a patriot and maybe there's not a huge market for fullbacks, which there usually isn't. Then maybe he said, you know, that works for me still getting paid all that, you know, he gets to hang out around the team still. And then you revisit again next year, it's possible. I understand people's cuz I I believe in my life last roster production, I had Jakob Johnson off the team and I got a lot of pushback from people about that, right. Because he has been a good player in his role for the Patriots last year, but it just kind of feels to me like that. Full bad position is unless he's doing some other things, whether it's a kicking game potentially or whatever you can do. Yeah, he's not make himself valuable, somehow get Beyond just being that lead blocker cuz there's just not going to be the Reps there to Warrant carry that but carrying that player like you said you put one of the tight ends back there. You put one in the offensive lineman backyard. Heck you could put one of the defense of life Back there in a goal-line situation and and, and do it that way, my grave. Well played fullback for the Patriots, you know, Atlanta Rob played fullback for the Patriots. So there's all sorts of possibilities if they really need to get rid of full back on the field and they don't have Jakob Johnson Rossford is he valuable enough to make the team. Let's jump back over to the wide receivers some of these depth wide receivers..

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