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Ask Delight Open up the phone APP and that was a pretty common sort of because of that was like Microsoft Bob Right Yeah Yeah and you know in the general magic one having been largely designed by former MAC team employees at apple was obviously because they more tastefully done than Microsoft Bob shows but just the idea that Oh you know in order for people to understand. It look like yeah things that they know like you're literally playing a video game of being in an office office but another guy. It's not like leisure suit. Larry were funny things it was literally you're just calling your dentist to make an appointment and you're opening an actual book to find the dentist number and stuff like that. Oh here's why we can't go. We can't finish without gus. Mueller's question multiple prediction of apple made sex pots has yesterday yet to come to fruition what's up with that is the project still going on and what's the codename I can't can't. I'm not allowed to say talk about legal. I am pretty proud that I I. I'm not sure if I'm the first first person but I feel like I'm probably up there to say the word sex spots on N._P._R.. 'cause I got interviewed. Somebody interview somebody from N._P._R.. In interviewed me after one of those one of those. I don't know if it was that one where we met or was the one after that I think it was the one thousand eight macworld called me an interview me and she called call me back later she said. Did you see sex robots. You can have sex okay. Thanks just wanted to fact check right so you don't WanNa screw somebody on that. Editor editor wanted me to come back. You don't want to attribute that quote to somebody. Turn out what they actually. I know you're talking about although it would make for one of those really funny like corrections of the year earlier version yeah. I always just thought that you know if anybody is GonNa make a robot that you're actually going to have sex with. It should be apple because nobody else is GonNa do it. Well enough. Nobody else. Can you trust anybody else to keep you. The Right of privacy also privacy it all stays on device. Oh God John Moult. It's a pleasure having as always hope you have a good rest of your summer. People people can <hes> are back outside our mutual pow Dan Moore and just got married. You were there a lot difference congratulations to Dan. If you're listening and you've got how many podcast you have with Dan Moore I have to podcast with them. I have the rebound which we talk about similar stuff to this I guess and then I also have biff which we talk about Superhero T._v.. Shows Movies Yeah you rename that one that was used to be called. Yeah we show we've he finished the well we shut down the old one which was <hes> speedier cast become Eros ending. This year end started up a new one. Yeah there you go the same crew. It's it's me and Dan Guy English mostly you and Dan..

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