Sir Roger Chan, JAY, Canada discussed on Alex Jones Infowars


You sir roger chan had some great points let's go ahead and take another caller go top to bottom here let's go ahead and talk to jay in canada thanks for holding jay can you hear me okay yeah i hope this doesn't sound kinda cliche or anything but you know you speak about you know the different dimensions and connection to god and things like that and i really think that just everybody having a knowledge and understanding of the scriptures has a spiritual impact and on a spiritual level rains down righteousness on the land talks about in the bible how when the people are separated from god only stray then that's when these pieces of crap start to rule over you will over the people stop you always hear this church growing up i didn't realize how lucky i was actually going to real churches are very rare now that it's true the hedges lowered the gate is open and that's why evil always wants to get rid of real christianity holy spirit and all that because they feel it they see it it's like a bright light they wanna get rid of and they know they can push christianity out then like a broadcast an evil spirit a wavelength comes in and and and society crumbles and falls to evil yeah so we have what i'm saying caring this knowledge and our minds we have the you know god instructions on our you know in our consciousness it's we are walking around with that like swaying darkness just being there being conscious and you know i think like the assembled church in and stuff is all good to do good things but i think it's secondary to every individual having that understanding not letting you know somebody else always you know define everything for us i think we have a better god let me just read it and then get an understanding directly from spirit now i agree with you and that's exactly what the global is fear fear christians they fear the bible they've got their devil pope in charge now who is the anti christ basically i'm not saying he's the the.

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