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Listening to the best of Todd and don On news, radio, K O B. J Welcome to the Todd and done show. We're live and we want you to join us at 51283605 90. Now here are Todd and done Well. It appears that homelessness the de funding of police, the two major issues that have helped usher in some new blood it. Austin City Hall. Mackenzie Kelly is defeated incumbent Jimmy Flanagan in District six after running a campaign focused largely on public safety. District 10, the incumbent, Alison Alter has won a second term following a very tight runoff race with challenger Jennifer Verdict. Yeah, I don't think we're going to hear. I mean, I don't think that's the last we'll hear from her. I feel like she may be back. Joining us on the side of news line. Matt Mackowiak from the Travis County Republican Party Mad Good morning to you. Give us your rob. Morning after assessment of these two races. Hey, Good morning, guys. It's great to be on again. Yeah. Look, this was a resounding victory. Uh, tonight last night for people that are just satisfied with the direction of the city of Boston. You know, in both cases you had, um, you know, candidates running That were fairly new to politics. I guess Mackenzie had run once before she was really knew back then Jennifer verden never run before. In both these cases. They were the challengers. They were the You know they had the uphill battle, but they had the issues on the side. Because it's pretty clear now Majority of this city does not want to continue with this homeless camping disaster, and they don't want to see the police budget cut by up to one third $150 million. Mackenzie's victory was pretty was really pretty decisive was ended up being around 54 46. Alison Alter barely survived 51 49 shit. All the advantages images of incumbency. She got a lot of help. She apparently one of very large number of mail ballot votes. She won more Alison Altar and in district 10 1 more male Bella votes than the other three candidates. One combined something we need to look into to make sure there's that was entirely entirely, you know, Uh, you know, above board that seems like this was a big window winning Mackenzie Kelly getting a reasonable pro taxpayer. Public safety advocate on the City Council was a big win, and I would assume that those are some of the first issue she wants to address, and I just wonder what kind of support she's going to get with the rest of the City Council because we've kind of heard of fruit grumblings that there are a couple of City Council members that do want to work with her. Yeah, I think that's right. And look, you know if you don't have one reasonable person on the council that will listen. That cares about public safety to cares about taxpayers. Um All you're gonna do is you're going to see the council move in the other direction. So now we have someone who can provide transparency, Someone who can build coalitions, someone who can force votes on important issues. Someone that you know, advocates can can go can go meet with and talk to and know that she'll listen. I know that she wants to be part of the solution. Looking the council if you can put three or four votes together, um, you can you can have an effect, and if you could put six votes together, you can win. So we know that this doesn't I don't want to overstate it. But this this is not mean that Austin is going to change starting, you know, January 1st, but we're gonna have one vote out of out of 11 on the council. But if we're ever going to get to a place where we have a majority on the council where people are pro public safety info, taxpayer, you have to start somewhere on. This is a great place to start. Mackenzie's energetic She's She's a working mom. She understands the community. She understands these issues She understands a district she represents, and she built an incredible campaign with volunteers and enthusiasm. They knocked on thousands and thousands and thousands of doors his past six or nine months. She deserved this win. On its have 2.1 last thing out. Jimmy Flanagan has been chair of the Public Safety Committee, a city council. He has been basically the ringleader behind this defund. The police re imagine the police effort. This was a resounding defeat for that movement last night, absolutely resounding defeat, and every single person on the council needs to reassess what they've done for the last two years, and what the City council run offs should tell them about the direction that voters want the city to go. You think that's why the City Council is kind of leaning back towards maybe having AH, April cadet class? I do. I think it's a recognition that they made a tremendous mistake. You know that that in some ways is the single most indefensible decision that they've made, which is really saying something that class that was, I think that significant minority members. They've gone to the entire training process. And they decided at the last minute when they've gone through training when they're ready to become a full police officers to basically, you know, suspend their graduation for no reason at all. No explanation. Absolutely outrageous talking about intercourse. I'm sorry. Go ahead. You're talking with Matt Mackowiak, Travis County Republican Party. Martin. We are up against the clock, man. I just want to squeeze in a couple of other things. Mitch McConnell yesterday says this election is over. It's time to move on. And the GOP needs to start focusing on new things. Your thoughts on on that. Yeah, I've kind of two thoughts about it one. You know, it is now. Absolutely. Joe Biden is gonna get sworn in on January. 20th. You know, I wish that were the case is supported the president for reelection. I thought his first term had a tremendous number of important achievements. But now there really is no pathway left. Um And you know, people are gonna start to accept that over time Now. Secondly, though, I do believe, um you know legitimate legal challenges should be pursued. I don't believe this election head zero voter fraud. Anyone that believes that is really not being serious. We need to understand better how these mail ballots went out. You know, Pennsylvania four years ago, the 200,000 mail ballots this time we have 2.5 million. You know, we have to know. We have to understand whether those were illegally cast ballots. Not be important to understand that so I support you. No reasonable. Legal efforts to present evidence and make these make the case and I hope Republicans do that going forward should President Trump stop raising money in the state of Georgia? I believe so because the way that set up is he's taking a pretty big percentage of it. We got three weeks to save the country. If the Democrats won the two seats in Georgia on January 5th..

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