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Local P. only hated what we were doing and and I saw it really that that struggle moving into an institution our selected leader with this burden this this this righteous burden of wanting to transform the system that was really created the exact opposite recess right about not about transformation so it was tough but I'm glad all of the work that we did and it was twenty years ago yeah yeah yes you about come on here is this time is DA because as you said she came in with a lot of expectations although she didn't really run as the liberal she ran to the right of Terence Hallinan really are to the middle I guess you could say M. and shortly after she is the D. A. a cop is killed and she declines as she promised not to seek the death penalty and I'm wondering you know what is your sense I don't know if you were there then but you know the thing wasn't there but I remember it's it's an opaque memory in my mind what is your sense of that in how it affected the course of her the rest of her time as D. A. N. even as AG were as you know she was criticized by the black caucus in the legislature for not being progressive enough on police shootings use of force that kind of thing you know it's it's interesting I wasn't there you know when officer Espinoza was murdered anyone anybody is murder it is a deep loss it's it's it's an extreme G. plus but I do remember you know being with the young woman that I was working for who had been a systems and I remember watching a funeral and I saw yeah police officers turned their back on his return there was so much hurt and pain in that room and you know watching her now I got I'll turn on MSNBC or CNN and I and I went in and she has you know this this fury in her in this moment and it reminds me of a conversation that I had with her she was a mentor of mine you know when she decided to run for Senate as you said that you think you know as a district attorney and even asked the AG follow the law and I need to write the loss I need to re we need to re write this course of history and I feel that in my soul and even progressive DA you know George has gone again you know wasn't able to prosecute the man who killed Mario woods all we have is a system that and it's very bone marrow I think it hurts officers and it hurts citizens way citizens we we have to create a system of safety that that really works for us all and we can get there but you know it is really I keep telling them their P. and the folks that are working with your policy we have to listen to the ground you know you have to listen to folks who have lived the stock Zachary Norris of the elevators and recently wrote a book called we keep us safe and it talks about really community preservation and thinking about when mental health crisis has happened how we must think about not weaponizing folks with mental illness he's he talks about how to re entry will be calls from prison back into community how we must not weaponized that movement and how we have to take care of each other okay I'm not reporting any of this is easy okay not easy it was in the great greatest leaders would have to but I'm also clear I'm also clear national after the country burns after this estimation of Martin Luther king the civil rights act sixty eight was passed my hope is that you know every mayor every police chief heads of unions course the organizers and activists who have shown a mirror to the Americans face and challenge our democracy I have faith that we get it right my role in my day to day life outside of my elected role is I run a foundation and focus on racial justice and needs and finding movement groups for twenty years to hold leaders to task and it's not just about justice it's for us in funding these groups about racial justice we understand that we can't get there until we acknowledge really again like that the architecture of systems we we can get it right but it's gonna take time and progress is not saved all right let's see if we're gonna have to take a short break now and we return we're gonna talk to a little bit more about your life and how you ended up there we're talking with civil rights leader Latif assignment you are listening to political breakdown from KQED public radio at six forty seven support for KQ.

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