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Weather wise because it is fairly nice out there right now, we're dry. It is eighty seven here in Columbus. And it is also eighty-seven in Panama City beach. Maybe you've played a little golf down there. It's it's going to be warm across the state tonight will drop to sixty six four and overnight low eighty-seven again tomorrow, some pop up storms are possible in the afternoon. And we've got another round of showers and thunderstorms come in Friday with another high of eighty five I'm ABC six chief meteorologist Marshall mcpeek on your severe weather station. News Radio six ten WTVN. All right. It is the Mark glaeser show. Thank you very much Marshall mcpeek. I'd like to welcome to the show, Mr. golf ray-hyung. Stick ray. Thank you for coming on today. Anytime bar gorgeous day for golf. Yes. It is the summer will not leave us. And I gotta say I'm not really that upset about it to be honest. For operators are loving it. Yeah. Well, on a side note to real quick a couple of weeks ago, I was out in Las Vegas, and I played a couple of different days out there that hundred six degree heat. They talk about their they go. It's a dry heat yellow when the wind blows it felt like a hairdryer in my face. But I love desert Gulf, man. It's so fun out there in Vegas. Oh my gosh. Yeah. They got some beautiful golf courses factor. But it's really. Yeah. Exactly. And that's part of I think what makes it so pretty two good point there. So the tour championship getting ready to get underway tomorrow at east lake golf course there in Atlanta, Georgia, Ed. So as I'm reading about this the tour championship is part of the obviously the FedEx Cup, and I'm reading about the changes that are going to be happening next year. First and foremost, I my is about popped out of my head. When I saw the purse goes from ten million, though, the prize I should say that goes from ten million to fifteen million dollars for the champion next year. Fifty percent increase for the winter and a bunch more money that will come into play with the FedEx points which will land around Labor Day with a final the Wyndham championship final tour event next year. And and really the idea was away from having two different scoreboards to watch. What you're watching that final tournament. Eastlake? You know, we we kept watching. Well, can you get the FedEx points over here? We got the torch championship over here in one guy can win the tour championship but not win. The FedEx guys if done, and we're all trying to calculate, okay? On this shoddy moved up this many points instead actively here's the fr. Very confusing. That's kind of what happened last year was Zander winning the tour championship. And then Justin Thomas actually catch capturing the FedEx Cup, right? Absolutely. Yeah. Any time. So obviously he's had one went the torch championship which is a tournament. And then the FedEx Cup, which is a season more points. Total thing for guys that have been playing well all year next year, we won't have that. Because we'll go into the first of all. Just three, but the final debt will still be the torch championship at Eastlake, and what will happen. This is really going to be bizarre because Thursday when you see it up, usually everybody's tied at even par and tie for first place, right? Here's the torch championship the guy who's going into the advantage with the most points starts at ten hundred par. Oh Hallelujah thirtieth thirtieth place guy going in. He starts the day at even par and a graduated scale between so essentially it's like really tiger giving three shots aside. Let's go play because you've got one guy who's gonna start, you know, way ahead of the pack. That is really I don't know how to feel about that yet. Because when I well when I first saw it, I go, okay, I'm confused. And man, I'm as purest of a golf purist that can be and I had to keep reading it over and over. Unlike let me get this straight the guy with the most points starts at ten under. I was like, well, how how how could that actually be whatever, you know? How could you be happy about that? If you're in the field or whatever, but I guess that places emphasis on the season long. Fedex Cup is you gotta work harder to try to get more points to be in that position. The drivers. Seat. If you will correct. And and the the ideas reward somebody for playing great all year, not just one week and not just the, you know, the second week or price December this year went to the first to play off of it. You know, so we're we're gonna see something experience usual, I think what will be interesting to watch. And it'll be fascinating to see how they play it because we're also used to this event where everybody starts for first on Thursday morning with some guy's going to be in the league when he tees off Thursday morning at whatever time, so he'll he'll be the first guy on the leaderboard with a ten under lead. And he's actually got a two-shot lead. Because there is nobody at nine second. Most points is at eight thirty seven on down until you get. Yes. And then they then they dropped by groups of five but somebody will be in the league Thursday morning. So seventy. Sleeping on the nights can watch to see how that plays into the event. Obviously you're gonna go into playing well because you will have to make it through the first few play off of that position with points. But to start with a two shot lead on Thursday morning. Nobody's ever experienced before. We're talking to Mr. Ray Husted and tomorrow, of course, is the tour championship round one. Tiger Woods goes off at twelve thirty with Tommy Fleetwood. I'm seeing here, and I like all the Tiger Woods golf where CNN and I have to be honest based on earlier in the season. I didn't know if we were going to be seeing him this late in the race for the FedEx Cup. And I am delighted that he is playing like he's playing what do you see for him this weekend? Well, he's motivated. I mean, he wants to win so badly you can taste it all the critics shot a lot of people out because he's played. Well, he's been in contention. But he hasn't closed door asked him come close and win a golf tournament. Let's be honest. So now he's in position where he can say all right? I'm opera golf course. I I have been playing well continues to talk about his Goodall seems to be healthy. There's no complaints there. So now, we're all just going. Okay. Win. What's gonna happen? I still saying it if it's gonna happen is gonna happen. Tiger going to be able to put four rounds together against these great fields, especially this week with everybody playing well, thirty players to smaller fields only after being twenty nine other guys. But you gotta be twenty nine the twenty nine back, and it's going to really be fascinating to watch. How he plays especially coming out of the gate on Thursday. Because I think he's going to have to have a good start. You gotta get the driver and play east. Like, I mean think about Brookside everything about them is that of course, Jeff Sessions will have an Applebee's treat mine Fairleigh. You cannot hit it sideways. Like Tigers had trouble with the driver. So give him on winning this week. I I still don't think especially since he hasn't yet one hasn't yet. Got over the hump and picked up a victory. I just don't see how he does. It would. What would it be great cement contention on Sunday? That would be fantastic. And when you look at the other twenty nine golfers anybody on this list could actually win this. No problem. I mean, you look at like you said everybody's playing hot who do you like though to to actually capture this? Do you have one person you're kind of an honor that's jumping out at you. How can we go against Bryson Shambhu? The winner memorial comes back and wins the first two events in the playoffs is playing great right now, he is a is in particular analytic strategic player. He is playing a golf course that requires a very much precision in terms of your distance control of your irons going into the greens. But you know, this is the golf course at Bobby Jones grew up playing learning how to play golf on. There's so much history. Here the players love it, and you can feel the ghost of those guys are walking down the fairway show. But I love the shampoo. I love his game. I love his approach. I think just golf course set up really nicely. Perhaps there it is Bryson. Goes off at two o'clock with Justin Rose, you guys heard it Mr. Gulf Ray Husted, Colin Bryson, d Shambo most likely the person to rise to the top this weekend. So we'll keep an eye on that very cool. Great to catch up with you as always. And as this moves forward. We'll talk to you again soon. A lot Mark. At four zero seven.

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