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The Belmont Stakes over a century the name is log taking the lead right in the home stretch and then winning the one hundred and fifty second Belmont Stakes and of course that one million dollar purse with a time of one forty six fifty three jockey Manny Franco he says that he's not gonna lie he was a little nervous but confident doctor post comes in second Max player third fox's leisure Hosni more Confederate statues were vandalized efforts to demolish reminders of America's Confederate past continue in Raleigh North Carolina Friday a crowd of demonstrators marching against police brutality while celebrating Juneteenth used ropes and straps to pull down the statues of two Confederate soldiers near the state capitol one was hung by its neck from a lamppost while the other was dragged to the wake county courthouse meanwhile the statue of a Confederate general listed in our nation's capital was pulled from its pedestal the likeness of Albert pike was then doused with gasoline and set on fire president trump tweeted the writer should be arrested adding that they were a disgrace to our country Karen McCue fox news **** next Mars mission will honor those fighting coronaviruses space agency says or put a small aluminum plate dedicated to those in the medical community on the perseverance rover NASA says the three by five inch emblem shows earth is supported by the medical community represented by the ancient symbol of the serpent entwined rod perseverance will attempt to detect if there is any fossilized evidence of extraterrestrials being on Mars it's scheduled to launch in July twentieth Tom or Gotti fox news headlines Celgene presto this is false and now the accu weather with the K. O. B. J. radar weather watch partly cloudy and humid tonight with a low of seventy five tomorrow humid with clouds and some sun a high of ninety six tomorrow night mostly cloudy skies and muggy with a low reaching seventy six on Monday breezy and humid with times of clouds and sun and a high reaching ninety six from the weather center I'm meteorologist Bob summer back this did you know.

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