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To lead the pelicans past the thunder one four fourteen to one hundred he needed thirty two points to break the franchise record for career points scored and shattered making seventeen of thirty four from the noor including ten board spoke post game on fox sports new orleans congratulations eyes you turn this one around in the second half after rather slow start in the begin the game retarded gutter correlate reform warner all her color in a quarterpoint in denver elder through full reward clearwater ricky rauner no coded risky rauner can more nebraska bulky carter everything harden paul gauguin event like i did have a readers walk at that only god can orders one and so all we needed com every growth could get back on a winner thought after we lost with the markets but now feel good at it therefore fresher than her thing like this so many people said one demarcus my down are the pelicans are john does this win send a message about the mentality ends up to this team wilbur ross it has brought the gaza locker room ground and all we got rid of some gaza tomorrow salvador brought his work since the nba and we just want to come out and just pray together plow multiple are mesic tonight with half points snow half aren't and then we were doing a slow launch off we go out there and to play the game of basketball have faunder with regard to do good things happen in cardiff will read it may be your answer this question let the pelicans finally wanna thirdquarter something you've been struggling with what was the difference tonight what enables you to do that is who will on a jumper and other star goalshooter romulo earlier seen a ball go to the rim dan uh we start moving out to jump southward down under the third quarter we ran oslo harder other igf two dawson just auditor gortat costs are now so but.

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