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Schist. Now this one I know is pink marble and not granite at. It's Knoxville take marble, which is actually a limestone very clearly concede the layers in the action, limestone actually layers, but it has another feature and these coasts Stilo lights zigzag feature that you see in here looks like a seismic Graham record yell, and what they are is when this limestone was laid down in layers. There was a lot of pressure on it. And they was as a result of the pressure. There was dissolving away of some of the of the cow site. The mineral that limestone is made and then redeposited later in other parts of the rock. That's what gives the rock. It's ability and strength and the style light. So. Our solution features and black because it every rock is not pure. It's not pure count site, the minerals in it, and they're Klay minerals. And so as the cow site is dissolved away in these residue of clay, and it gets concentrated along the lines where the dissolving is taking place and so that the soda that. We know this is limestone because if it's metamorphosed becomes Jelavic marvel of style lights are destroyed during the rechristen Jason of the raw. You'll see just all the sudden a ton of obelisks everywhere, you get to show off that you're rich. You get to have this big monument, but you still want to be in the ground. And that's why all show when Sidna were practising. We were like those identical. Are they different are? They there's always a little bit of difference. We did not let you be identical to your next door. Neighbor. You had to present the image to us beforehand. We look at your design and make sure that it was appropriate for the lot procreate for the neighborhood in wasn't identical to who was around you because this poll overall look was extremely important to us. Also somebody's asked to we give tours. Yes would want gives regular tours one weekend. It's jazz one weekends at Stater one weekend. It'll be art and architecture. Sometimes it's specifically sculpture plast weekend. It was the peach really brothers the six brothers from the Bronx. Carve the Lincoln Memorial? They also that little pink angel. Across the street. They did that for Daniel, Chester, French the guys Lincoln Memorial. We've got lots of custom sculpture out here. But of course, though, six brothers from the Bronx where the guys who carved everything I can find monuments like that. Because now, I know what Tennessee pink is. And they always carve in Tennessee pink. It's their preferred stone type in. So it's real easy to pick out a peach of really one of SIDS favorites is this one foster is Foster's fasteners. He made snaps for gloves. All you gotta to come up with that one thing everybody needs, and you're a multi millionaire after that would tickles me about the monument. It was done in eighteen ninety five is on this side. You see this very flashy signature, and I always think of you know, when you're a little kid, and you start up school in your first cursive writing it. And if you go on the other side, you see his wife's Bertha signature Bertha. Player in this. So much stone. I want to tell you about what he's discovered about. First of all interesting. Structure because it's a actually sarcophagus with a canopy over it a tent, but the tenth happens to be in stone, and the Anna gratitude is very distinctive as you can say pretty much not with any blemishes. We'll talk about that in another place, some some grants have blemishes in it. But you could see a pair. A white material and look at it on the column over here, you can see coming down and that is called efflorescence. So we have a structure that is now has water infiltration, and what it's doing is the waters infiltrating into the joint system and dissolving out the mortar, and then when it comes out on his share fish, the water evaporates, and then deposits the mortar on the the line on the surface of the stone. It's not a good thing. Because it's disappearing. I mean, that's why the west side highway collapsed for the same reason. Of course, the all concrete was being the solve the way and they had tremendous stalactites forming and so flow stone, which is that is called is is very similar to stalactites heights, come down from the ceiling. This comes down on the side of the wall. But it's the same process that forms not only in buildings and structures. But also in in caves, well, while we hear Susan mentioned the obelisks. So here is a a an obliga- that was just finished in the quarry on. It's going to be put on a railroad and carried to to with on. Hey. Popular when two things happen. Washington Monument gets finished Cleopatra's needle good enough for central park. For would imagine. We see this flurry obelisks all over the place and the obelisk who. Represents represents a Ray of sunlight, and then of course, the office always had a goal of cover at the pyramid at the top to catch the rays of sun and big trash down. But it's a Ray of sunlight.

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