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Doc Kevin Campbell and hanging out in studio with us taking calls talking about stories. Not being a good influence. I even sound like him space, the final frontier. You know it. Yeah. Okay. I you know, what this is. I'm glad it's Halloween. I'm glad you're all real excited, but it's not Halloween until Wednesday. So throwing that out a year old twenty seven year old woman is facing fraud charges after she allegedly a sixty seven year old man out of six hundred thousand dollars with what authorities are referring to as an evil spirit blessing scam. Samantha Stevenson, a self identified which who actually practices witchcraft under her stage. Name Ivana Lopez convinced a man to give her six hundred thousand dollars to ward off evil spirits. But it's how you word it off. See what she would do is. She would blindfold the man. And then burn the money there. Except there's a twist say it. Authorities believe based on some of the purchases she made that once the blindfold went on. She didn't actually burn the pile of money. No, no way. Yes. I know. Right. And and did not thank wish the evil spirits. That's fraud. Bayton switch craziest fraud ever an I did not know this. She's also charged with witchcraft, which I said, there's no way that's a thing. But technically there's fraud. There's a there is a law per odd fraud that actually attach to fortune telling abilities is she running for congress in West Virginia. No, that's a different one. Okay. That's a different which right? So, but by the way, that's the least which sounding a treatment. You have no cold rinse. There's no weird ingredients. No, there's no chanting black candles. It's it's just lazy. So, but I digress. All right. Let's go to Jamal what's up Jamal? Let's say. Apparently, you can commit fraud against stupid people. Where are you calling from the bottom of the sea? I can't. Your your phone is not very good. Is there a way we can the increase the quality? Because I can't understand what you're saying. Okay. Can you hear cats? Pete Lau like I do. Okay. Yes, sir. Okay. It's scary dot the Campbell. Men looks like James Kirk is very bath capital car in generations. He lives. William Shatner when he visited a check. And that he really does look like I was watching. I'm like, wow. Wow. And if you want to go to a comment. Macau? People will be like really thinking that's William Shatner, and I've not seen as a joke. Medika question is this because when I heard them go ahead. About that polio. Terrified. Both my daughter back committee begins when that step down because I work construction. What I walk. Feel the pain. But what I live for my foot out. That's not feel a slight pain in our research about question because my mom was a diabetic. My dad was a diabetic. From my brother, dad and my brothers. Babich? I'm fortunate. I haven't had any signs of yet. But I am slightly overweight. I'm five eleven to three four six foot two hundred eighty nine two. The to ninety two. No. All songs. Just a regular pressure sore. Do you know? So I be honest. To call bottom-up kitchen. All right. So what do you think? So, you know, I think it could be many things that could be a neuropathy. It could be just some type of deep bruise or something like that. I think the simplest thing is to go to either oppo diet trysts or go to a doctor internal just have someone take a look at it. Obviously if you don't have diabetes, and you look at your foot, and you don't see a pressure ulcer. It's probably not that. But it could be some other musculoskeletal type thing it could be nerve tight paying neuropathic pain, but doesn't sound like something that's going to, you know, other than the pain that you have that. You know, you make a good point. Sometimes it may be worth investing in better shoes. Because you're on your feet all day, you're climbing around you're doing a lot of heavy work. So it may be worthwhile to get things that that even though they may cost a little more fit better and are more comfortable Jamal. In some of those little gel insert things, man. Those are awesome. Space. They had to go back in time to the nineteen. Oh, dear. Exactly, right. Wales because they had to go get to. Doc. Doc. On mccoy. My buddy. Meal technology back there. But they had to go back in time to. Wales to saving. So they went back and got a male and female. Aweil? And took them back to the future for that. Downtown San.

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