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Sunday sunny with a high of seventy six right now seventy five degrees in New York with sunshine at four thirty nine hot dogs get all the publicity but there are plenty of other things of people stuff in their mouths reprises a contest especially here in New York that's the story on today's sweet spot here's Mike Sugerman. over your chest there are new foods in town is fast. jalapeno peppers peanut butter and banana sandwich. the manager and that's with this this week in Little Italy there was such a contest and when it was over the winter was fried and we're going to have the first ever example eating contest that believes that believes basically a white pizza dough that is hand rolled and deep fried from any fraud as family has been making the fried the lights at Danny's on the corner of Little Italy for four generations. history today yeah the first was at the annual San Gennaro. eleven twenty contestants swallowed pride and started swallowing this apple. minutes later when a lady open weighs in at about three bills held a New World record fifty four is that fully in six minutes the **** technique try to rip them apart with my fingers first because it was a lot of chewing the more the new one I know Wayne could make the cannoli eating contest the next day he had already signed up for the mac and cheese consumption games the sweet spot Mike Sugerman WCBS newsradio.

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