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Millions in kickbacks into contractors in return for steering in military contracts their way the three year old man charged with fraud money laundering and conspiracy to defraud the government the National Weather Service in fort worth is confirming for tornadoes at North Texas during Friday night's storms as in on Tuesday the tornadoes happen between five forty one and six forty four PM any F. one tornado touched down in Johnson County two EF zero twisters at delta county an EF zero struck Dallas County the president trample appear in Austin on Sunday to speak at the annual convention of the American farm bureau federation is headlining the event for the third straight year the president will likely highlight recent favorable trade deals with Canada Mexico and China will be held at the Austin convention center I'm Kerry locking the accident on thirty five north reporter dropped out of a wreck on for ten north old usual route has traffic stop and go from the frontage road and we see delays now of about two to five minutes construction of sixteen oh four south data pad Booker as traffic backed up to thirty five this guy at about five to ten minutes to travel time Scott west newsradio twelve hundred W. away we call me out there right now but it gradually gets colder as we head through the weekend cloudy skies some fog overnight some rain showers at times lows in the mid sixties there is a fog on Thursday a chance of showers maybe a rumble of thunder a high close to seventy I'm meteorologist marks a bit from the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station news radio twelve hundred of you away I your ten thousand staff closer your thirty two miles from work late your eight glasses of water goes in must come out right life is filled with many numbers but just remember one of twelve hundred your one place for reliable information you use every day rations affected me on my day to day seven days a week count on one station radio you always it's that time time time lock in low is on the hello but faced when it last night watching that debate not face Palmer said face plant used you like baseball in the way I couldn't help I couldn't help but look at it and just cackle I mean just showed Freud cruel after it does seven clowns the Democrats are offering and here's the deal there never going to admit it to you they know they know they've got an awful crop let's put this into perspective okay.

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