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Jaysekulow live major a great thanksgiving news, not only Brunson and this one I think I think Jordan professor with telling us we need to pray for ongoing. Not only the flocks that would mean there. We already heard about the safety of her family. Hopefully, but the judges and the lawyers involved in arrogance we need to play for this. And and the last caller, it's not just the money. It's the players involved involving they work together carrot and stick. Absolutely. So let's talk about these judges. This was a bold move for them and bold move for the government. We don't really understand it that way. We will go supreme court makes a decision if you don't like it. That's the way it is. If you like it, that's good. But we don't have this kind of activity, but there's a whole different. This is a very bold move on their part that that's absolutely correct. It's a very bold move. I mean, the way they have written the opinion, and especially the concurring opinion. I mean, they he the Justice Costa. He he's very very smart. And he his opinions are I mean, they're full of wisdom and on page fifty five he says that it is that in the Arabic language applicants appellants name. Asiya means sinful. But in the circumstances of the present case, she appears to be a person in the words of Shakespeare's kings, King Lear more sinned against than sinning. So that kind of puts a stamp so to speak of boldness of this opinion toward the end of the whole judgment. So I think they just went all out, they they said mob violence is not acceptable false allegations are not acceptable. And and people who make false allegations are themselves blasphemers exterior in twenty seconds here. Explain to people we have an office in Pakistan. Yes, we have an office in Pakistan Lahore, and we have a team of attorneys and other staff members. Who actually work on very similar cases? We have a couple of blasphemy cases that we're working on. Currently. We have cases that involve church property being taken by Muslims and mortars rape cases. So we're doing a lot of work there that needs a lot of prayers. All right. We'll be back with more. If you don't get the.

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