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It's no national secrets they're not doing it against the united states or anything else they're just black mainly here want money they want money then they start spending that money and it gets out of control they have to declare bankruptcy then somebody overseas calls though lead guy debbie wasserman schultz it guy he goes over to beirut he meets with a guy who's connected to hezbollah that guy we know gave him a hundred thousand dollars as an investment o k so perhaps at that point hezbollah somebody overseas is saying hey we'll help you out but you gotta get us some information that's the best case scenario worst case scenario these guys who now the families over in pakistan the main ringleader is here in america but the worst case scenario is this is fullfledged espionage and they were blackmailing several of our congress people here's debbie wasserman schultz her latest comment on this now remember i just gave you and my rights do that's the best case scenario is going to get him river he the other part of he was arrested for bank fraud and so at the very least we think bank fraud has been brand but it looks much worse i want you to hear what debbie wasserman schultz she is still defending this guy mm mary on his i was that person the most political challenges last year so hey what maria i i or you fighting for this is obviously a you can apply that defence to a new numerous amounts of issues but why this one way where he's been so shady and there's been clear violations like bank fraud yeah no i mean there's there's clear home on there's clear bank fraud his wife is scapegoat the country and is now under the protection of the pakistani government something is not right here she sang she not saying hey i did the right thing at the time and we have.

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