Osweiler, Tom Savage, Brian discussed on First Things First - 10/16/17 - Aaron Rodgers out + Pats vs. Jets


I mean he's a better player i'm not going to give a coach for doing his job for recognize the guy's a better we'll put him in the best players will be on the field anyway he used to one created a situation he's the one brought in those other players desha watson when they drafted him i thought that he would be the starter in he is so i'm not going to give build right he's also the guy to gay brock osweiler forty million dollars without interviewing them so they take credit for all of the credit for the whole bulat geno all you create that all agree with you on on this point he made a mistake with osweiler and they recognize in fix that was a song cost something pro football teams and proteins in general of such a hard time recognizing a sunk cost like that you're not getting that money back so if the guy can't play screw it he then made another mistake but naming tom savage the starter and he bailed from that mistake wasn't a mistake that because because did sun played horrible in otas and into training camp he was bad so go brian had to put the best player in at that time tom savage gave the team the best chance to win now bill ryan knew that there would be an expiration date on that eventually this kid is going to overtake tom savage so the savage was better than him in offseason leading up to the season woods a very quick expiration date too that's why i'm given gender going no draft him like i know you guys be a half sisi one thought that when you mainly guy the starter that aspiration date could be a half an app not half of a see no right and that's i think generous point which is bill o'brien made the switch early like maybe if you're right that he had to start with tom savage most quarterbacks most coaches going to give the quarterback more than half again when we draft the of about moment team john watts and we draft him i'll tell me i don't alone no money to set the right will be round meanwhile you've got some day you take gold thank you for listening for the first things first podcast thrive fast apple on f s one ninety six thirty for chris carter nick right.

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