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Draft. Me and Joe. Dona. You can't like it anymore because I'm about the announced the last two winters I am all soccer by the way former NFL offensive lineman five, seven years bunch of podcasts. Tomorrow we'll have greg cosell on the Ross Doug football podcasts always a treat as is by the way today's guest who's got some similarities to Greg cosell although he's more on the Mat numbers analytic side Love Kate. joyner been following his work for a long time to go back to the four letter network and other places yet follow him on twitter at Casey Joyner T. F., S. Casey thank you so much coming on the show I. Really appreciate you. All right. So Casey Joyner t.f s that's the football scientists right? I guess the best stands for the scientists that is our I like all the books you have many leather bound books behind you. Yes. Lava flow publicly encyclopedia collector on it comes to football bucks must have probably forty five collection. Wow, that is awesome. So before we even a die I know guys are dying to know who the last two contestants are for the season long leaks in that in a second but for people that aren't familiar with your work as I am, can you give them the background in what you're doing now? Background is back in two thousand three at his side of the wanted to write a bill dame style football book and I, quit my job cashed out four one K. wrote a book in about eighteen months. A send a bunch of copies overnight and DR Z from sports illustrated I happen to find his address. He liked the book wrote an article about it for dot com and that led to a mean NFL teams or buying a book I got a job is the end. So all of that happened on the been at half the teams of Persia books since player agents banned for fourteen years covering the NFL agency, Football College football, the draft, and anything else they asked me to write about. Finally going off my own Nahla after leaving the. Network and on website called the football scientists dot com and doing that as a side Gig since two four. So I do fantasy football Matera Gomez. Seventeenth additional this year, and then also added the stuff I used to write for that network. Now writing you're for my side is part of my pater.

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