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Stewards declined to act on the application, which if approved would have made Barton, the first female license jockey in thoroughbred racing. It was on this day in 1973 that forgo eventual three time horse of the year from 1974 to 1976 broke his maiden by 8 lengths in his second start at high Lea park and tomorrow, June January 30th, 1981, June. That would be nice. January 30th, 1981, Jackie Julie Crone, rode her, wrote in her very first race ever finishing second by three lengths and a 6 for a long sprint for 3500 maiden claimers at Tampa Bay downs. Her mount, a 22 I can say this, her mount was a 22 to one long shot that was trained by Jerry pace and was named tiny star. And those are notable dates in racing history as they applied to today and tomorrow this weekend in thoroughbred racing. Always fun to look back through history with some of those things. Really cool stuff. All right, two minutes away from our number three, which of course kicks off with Larry Coleman, you be the host. You take over the show from ten to about ten, 17, ten, 18, we'll give you about 15, 16 minutes to call in and ask questions of Larry or email them to me might horse racing radio .NET. Kurt Becker stroll through racing history comes your way right around ten 25 and at ten 30, I once again welcome trainer Dale Romans and turf writer Tim wilkin for this week's edition of I ask, they answer. One question I'm going to ask them pertains to hot rod Charlie, who could have been in the Pegasus World Cup today, but he's not. He is already in Dubai. He's been there for a while now. He is prepping for the Dubai World Cup at the end of March. He's going to run next week in the el maktoum challenge. And one question I'm going to ask them is that the right move for hot rod Charlie should he have run in the Pegasus or.

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