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Studio on Memorial Day. We're talking a lot of food. A lot of great beverage is making a lot of people hungry. We had Justin Green up from Weber. Steven Raichlen talking about his new book, Bill Gillespie from smoking Hogs. And for those books, people are texting in pictures of what they're making today. 312981 72 100 At the end of the program, we're gonna give away one of each of those books. You can read about it, but at some point you're going to need to get the equipment to get it done. And when it comes to Chicago, and people know that from all over the place, I'm sure people make a pilgrimage for the taste buds from all over the place is backyard. Barbecue in Will. Matt Dan. Marguerite, Those guys have really what is a Taj Mahal for the taste buds? Not only do they have all the equipment from so many different great things that we've been talking about today but also classes and books and everything else is just a very cool place to be. Dan is on the line. Dan Happy Memorial Day. I think you Dane. Good to talk to you. It is good to talk to you, too, As we get to the point where things are kind of opening up. This is the kick off the summer. You know the people that come to backyard barbecue You guys were doing doing it. You know you're around all day could be a blizzard. Everybody still doing it. But for the general public, this is kind of when they mobilized, right? It is. I think it's a true sign of the started grilling season, even though I like to think it never ends. I think a lot of people's minds. This is it. A lot of people are grilling today. We had way had the folks from Webber on Bilge lest we talked about the smoky mountain we talked a little bit about. I mentioned it. You know that and for all the people out there that are trying to limit that barbecue. And grilling enthusiast in their family to just one thing, right? You know that. You know that you can't have enough and they all do different things. I've got maybe 10 different things. I'm sure you have a bunch as well. So talk about some of the different things just kind of the the range that you have it back yard. Well, The rain's like in charge. When you talk about weather, I think the Weber cattle which we shall in a number of shapes and forms, but terrible cooking. We shall the weather. Obviously three iconic piece and we sell Haiti Basically, shall he k grow? We saw the good one line of smokers. So you know, we really sell a lot of chuckle grills now, whereas in past years you know, we vice will probably more dance girls, which was still do but I think I told you to feel like the last five model that you know. It's like charcoal just keeps going up. Charcoal grilling. I should say yeah. You know, people had a lot of time at home. So there, you know, I don't know why they ever left. But it seems like they're coming back to it, You know? Yeah, well, you know what? I got to see that too for and I was many years ago before I was in the in the crowd of initiated and enlightened. I used to think well, gas girls the way and there's nothing wrong with a gas grill, and I would encourage everybody to get Get one of each or at least you know a couple different things because the gas girl has its place. It's fast. You can do certain things on it that you don't have to get the you know the other the charcoal grill all ready to go. But really, though, and Dan, you'll share this right to the charcoal, you know, for the flavor that it gives its worth the extra time. Yeah. You know, if you've got a charcoal chimney in a certain things are not going to take that bath. You You can use lump charcoal, and it likes a lot faster than for cats just because of the own natural state and No. You gotta get your gas girl for 10 minutes anyway, What's another five minutes? I think, you know. And if you have the chimney there, too, then you don't have to use the lighter fluid. That was one of the things that I always hated. Cause I would just squirt lighter fluid all over everything my stuff. I was surprised. It tasted like lighter fluid when it comes the lump charcoal and this is where you guys really stand out as probably in the Midwest. Maybe even like a greater part of the country is like for big green egg like you guys are the go to place for that. That's where you use a lot of that. That hardwood lump charcoal and the results that you get off an egg. Is just so much different than maybe some other things. I think you could do a bunch with a different things. But talk a little bit about how special the eggs are. What I love about the egg is you know today If you're hanging out your backyard, you can smoke ribs all day. You know, Tomorrow you could find out the steak and cook it a 700 degrees and share the nicest ache You'll have anywhere and then you could use it is a wood fired pizza, too. So it as very you know, a lot of versatility out, which is nice and temperature control is very precise. So a little bit of a learning curve, but I tell people don't start with $150 tender line by a $5 pork tenderloin and try that, And there's a bunch of sizes, too, so you don't have to necessarily think because they are heavy right and it may not fit. You know everybody sing. But there's like the You know the minis and you know all the way up to something that's really, really big. You could start wherever you need to. Yeah, I took. I took my mini Max on vacation last year. My wife and I now at home, so I don't get a lot. Uh, I took. I took the mini max Toe Michigan last week or last summer for our vacation. I cook for 60% off all week long. It was great. I saw you guys. I saw those vacation photos that you posted of you and the mini max writing Space Mountain. You took it to Disney world. I'm surprised they let it in. You guys They're looking and well, before we let you go..

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