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Venues is a challenge as well particularly this year university Michigan which was originally supposed to host the second event on October fifteenth backed out earlier this week all of this could be simplified of the campaigns would drastically reduce the live audiences who attend the debates or even do away with them entirely missed practice isn't that convenient so now the media are starting to campaign on behalf of by then the Democrats you don't need live audiences for debates now what does that mean when I told you at the beginning of the show backbenchers please write it down I know you well written regurgitated on Monday which is this if there's to be debates they want them to be virtual debates in other words not to mention ending on a stage behind podiums looking at each other debating they saw but by the look that good the democratic debates it is amazing that many many of them and somehow they managed to work into the television schedule regardless of all the sporting events they don't want that look but by not there with trump because he'll blow out the election how loose and she says I look do away with them entirely away with them entirely the debates would probably be better to if they were conducted as the same nineteen sixty one between Kennedy and Nixon in a television studio so another words either virtual not at all in the studio we can't have these men stand it she's throwing out ideas now that would hurt trump in but I have an idea when we change it next election rather than this one I have a theory Mr but if you want to hear I don't think Joe Biden's with us anymore I think what we're looking at most of the time as a blow up doll I don't think I don't think there's any proof that there is a Joe Biden anymore it's like a it's a it's like a flash in the pan maybe they're just kind of putting together his statements or something implying that you know how you know you can do stuff with modern technology do you think that's what they're doing something like that hundred percent right we can have debates the minimum they ought to be very trolls you shouldn't have a convention with people a debate with people yeah just cut out the people ladies engineers say you just cut the people are the Democrats will be fine with that but my theory is that Joe Biden does not exist that there I don't know technology like in the production artist and so but some is going on here something's going right something strange is going and I can hear the production people no no no it's not a hundred twenty billion you idiot it's a it's a hundred twenty thousand have but I can say a hundred twenty two I met a hundred and twenty eight thousand almost robotic I have another theory Mr but if you want to hear it Joe Biden is seen the same plastic surgeon is Nancy Pelosi because I'll tell you what they're starting their starting to look alike by starting to look like pelo sim pelo see starting to look like but don't you see that in their foreheads are melting they're far heads are melting energy policies for eyebrows I say this with all due respect I'll be right back in.

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