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You rebels radio presents the two of US shorts with. Albert Frederick. High, this is naming lattice. Welcome to the vast shots myself Alba freshdirect talking to people across the globe about that pandemic spirits. On its relationship to creativity mental health emotional wellbeing. And as always, I'd like to trick a warning these adult show. So the themes will be complex and interesting, and maybe at sometimes triggering if you're over ten the disposition today, put this on pause and put market for later saw otherwise dime right I'm gleeful stay because I have my friend rule of packer which terrible mispronunciation of your name, but I've done my best who is an artist and Even the word artists I don't think describes you enough because. There's a lot of self reflection in what you do an language. Written language is as important to you. As visual language I mean, I was just looking at the titles. Of some of your work, my test love it. So poetic lack of going to read some to step outside which oversees the current pace of work on process, which we're GonNa talk about 'cause this. Phenomenal. Fragile. And these Pleasures Away with distraction. So That piece of work anyway uses words within skirts some just reciting those because i. just think everybody should go mmediately to your website and enjoy a work. So I think the first question. I've got feel or the first talk discussion point. is about a Maga Tong and? I'm going to say. Not, necessarily your first language. But what does mother-tongue main to you in terms of like a home language or? Language language that you can come back to again and again. a really good question. I think mother I have loved my mother tongue. Many years ago of lifts in the UK since nineteen eighty four. and. Everything I do is an English now. So in a sense English has become my adopted language. and. Even, when I was a teenager growing up in the Netherlands this of passion for English it was my favorite subject to school in obsessed with bands music can kind of understanding lyrics. So the hassle ready made them physician Dan to find his other language. May Be. About this before. Maybe I was looking for another language so that I could have a different identity. and. So Being able to be myself by introducing a new language which is away from the person who? was in Holland. So a came to the UK when I was nineteen. And It was kind of part of my coming out process was over gay man and. I guess kind of coming out taking on a new identity in another country with a new language will actually very liberating. Recently. Am I think because of Brexit. I've become more aware of of language as soon as an immigrants that I am labeled. Now not a citizen eased citizen was named before. I have recently done some writing in Dutch and kind of also working on a bilingual project where I've been using. English words that I find offensive that plied to me with the Dutch translation. I. The word, the Dutch word which means foreigner in the UK. So kind of trying to take some of these words that are. Used in a negative way now and reclaiming them in original until. And so he has some. Kind of amalgamates may be both languages and Looking for a connection back to my original language may be as process of also growing up or you know growing older ends reflecting, which is part of my practices reflecting looking back. I'm looking at memories and looking unfinished history and unfinished moments or events in history, and so maybe the language my Dutch language has become an unfinished part of my being that I've left to just lie that by decides. And I I want I don't want to anymore. But it's almost like. The lack of of a recording it's like you putting on pause, but he puts on pose for an extended amount of time. It's not like you turned it off, you put it on pause so you could become this person than use this language to identify. Yourself in the new place. A. Now, you're an older man with this huge catalog of experiences as well as Brexit and it slap actually it's time to take off pause it's time to integrate and. I'm GonNa, just be really intuitive with this interview because I always have. So points of discussion on then I let things flow. And because what you're saying about. The source of income rating, the Dutch and the English. I saw a MAC popsy, this lows of Mike, pies? Sitting in the garden the at the same time I was leaving a voicemail to my friend Esther who's been on this show. Just. Oh, that's a magpie and the garden I'm she left me a voicemail back thing. And she's been very philosophical. She said. Think of it as animal medicine. What does the magpie main to you and. I was like wow. I hadn't even thought of that and I was looking up the main things about gooden bad omens and trustworthiness lack of trustworthiness, and then I thought. While I was doing that, I realized I chose him a black and white striped t shirt to wear even before she mentioned the Magpie. On my thoughts about that thing about things being in black on white. And there being no gray but then I thought about Yang on, you know how both the blackened the why have a bit of white and black in them and the bat how you how? Integrating to apparently opposite forces or energies doesn't mean that they lose any of their identity or their integrity in the process. I'm only mentioning that because you saying. That, you haven't been beaten darts. You've been living your life in English. and. Then suddenly you're bringing the Dutch back I'm the Dutch is different and the the gateway is these are this offensive language. The left investors of? This almost like a disjuncture Jackson possession of the English and the dodge creates of..

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