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To become national security advisor to the President of the United States Michael Flynn. They can't have him hanging around. 'cause he'll figure it out, so they decide to go. After Michael Flynn three-star general served our country for over three decades, and we know they went after him, because they told us that to bill precept head of counterintelligence. At the FBI the day they interview Flynn, January twenty, four, twenty, seventeen, his notes. Say What? What's our goal to get Flynn to live, so we can prosecute him or to get him fired. Think about what the Obama Biden Doj what their administration did. In the last month the last month they were in power January fourth. The agents investigating Flynn want to drop the case. Komi tells them no January. Fifty had the now famous meeting in the oval. Office Obama Bide Rice Komi. All of them are in there. They're plotting their strategy how they're going to get Flynn January six. Komi goes up to trump tower briefs president-elect trump. On the dossier that they already know was false just so they can leak it to the press, and the press will right the story that briefed President on the dossier, and then of course, January twenty four th the day they go set up Michael Flynn. Set Up Michael Flynn in his interview. Guess what else they did guess what else they did between election day and inauguration day. That two months, I'm guess what else they did. Thirty eight people forty. Nine Times Unmasked Michael Flynn's name. Komi Clapper Brennan. Biden seven people at the Treasury Department. Unmasked Michael Flynn's name for goodness. Sake. And of Course Flynn Resigns on February Thirteenth Flynn Resigns on February thirteenth now the cover up is complete. Flynn's gone everything's fine. They think until may ninth. Twenty seventeen when president trump fires Jim, call me. Now they've got a problem again. The Guy who was going to keep it all quiet? He's been fired now. How do they continue to cover up real simple Jim Komi leaks is memos with the express purpose of getting a special counsel appointed to investigate something they already know is not true. And that's exactly what happened. We get two years one thousand nine hundred forty ages, five hundred wins, twenty hundreds of ended thirty million cost to the taxpayer, and they come back with nothing absolutely nothing. And so all they got left. is to attack the attorney general who had the courage to state truce? Right from the get go the first time he testifies after he's confirmed. You guys attacking every day every week. And now you filed articles of impeachment against him. It's ridiculous. He had the courage to do what no one else would do at the Justice Department. Sally Yates wouldn't call it spying. Jeff sessions wouldn't do it Rod Rosenstein wouldn't do it. Chris Weight Ratios Heck isn't going to do it. So Mr Turn I want to thank you. For having the courage to call it what it was spying I'm going to thank you for having the courage to say we're GONNA. Get the politics out of the Department of Justice. That was there in the previous administration. And maybe most importantly, we're GONNA. Talk about this in our side one questioning. I want to thank you for defending law enforcement. For pointing out, what a crazy idea! This defunding police! Policy whatever you WANNA call, it is. An standing up for the rule of law and Franklin. We have video we want to show. That gets right to this point. We played that video. Okay. That is the opening statement from Jim? Jordan. I thought an excellent statement. GonNa, pause his testimony. It should be another three four minutes away, but we don't want you to miss any of it. Bill bars testimony in front of the House. Who to impeach him? Coming up in a second yeah. It's still is the new normal in Washington. Is the Glenn Beck Program. So I WANNA. Tell you about Jenny she She lives in Texas and as you have remarked on a show a few times before. We kind of make a different sort of people here. In Texas there are a lot tougher jenny so tough. She survived being hit by a car while she was out walking about a year ago, she was injured especially in her lower back and legs, but she survived, and over the course of the past year she had tremendous pain as she tried to get back to normal life. Fortunately, she listens to my show. She heard about relief factor. She tried everything she could think of. And then she decided to give this a try. Within weeks, the lower back pain began to melt away, and the rest of it followed her range of motion returned. She was soon as good as new. Jenny got life back. I got my life back you can to. Thank you so much for listening and thank you for trying it. It's relief factor. Go there now. Seventy percent of the people who.

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