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Four degrees fahrenheit and one hundred thirty eight degrees fahrenheit and i can tell you first hand living here in phoenix arizona that um i've had my phone outside in the summer and it has just life shut down and inputs of this message as too hot gotta go our i got this letter from my listener male about who actually owns the content when you posted to the web because when you pose of the on facebook or on twitter an instagram you have all these terms and conditions and are you actually signed in the way the rights to that video of your kids party or that snapshot that he took well the good news is that copyrights are very simple and you create something you you on the copyright uh when you put up on light it's still belongs to you when you can take certain steps if somebody tries to pass it off as uh their work in you own it now you can't copyright facts ideas or systems but you can sometimes copyright the way that their expressed his so you don't want to do is go on facebook post in that type of style so if you do post your vacation photos and facebook the terms and conditions say that facebook is allowed to put on their servers or any social the network you give oil licensed to reuse the pictures is not going to get a dime back it's actually nonexclusive transferrable sublicence bowl royalty fee and a worldwide license but this means is that you're just letting facebook twitter what have you the space to do what they want to do at no time do you lose the copyrights your photos your videos or your status updates i and again somebody pulls anything that you put up on facebook and they start passing it off as their own well you can always gets legal recourse for that back to the phones we go with kevin in bristol for jinya i kevin but look him how are you i'm good what's going on um oliver large sleeper and i have issues with uh try to stay asleep in the middle of the night and i was wondering if i could get your recommend e on app or eight psalm machine type device that i could.

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