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Want an animal that could fly and kick some, but you know, be. No, no. I don't wanna be Bosco. She she. No, no, I love her. But I wouldn't want to be here. Allenby human. Yeah. You're gonna be human. All right next question, silky. Okay. Next question, assuming you could not be both. Would you rather? Be someone the greatest love or greatest lover. It's tough because that can be both so easily. Say I'm definitely the ladder. So I'm gonna go greatest love. Jay black. I'm passing on the question. Could you explain it to change? So picture your ideal girl. Jay all right to say your name. You're thinking of a. Would you want her to be like, oh my God? J blacks, the love of my life. You so sweetie. So romantic, I can't live without him. He's a good option. He's the best or that's the greatest love of her life or the greatest lover of. Oh my God. My headboard is destroyed. Springs on the bed. I one dude we greatest love southern gentlemen. I'd take the fr- take the greatest love love, really, really. I've been the greatest love of someone's life. I don't think I've ever been the greatest lover. Yeah. I'm taking lover. Yeah. You and your waffle fries. Go next question, silky, right?.

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