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I think they look. He came in with a ton of recruiting hype Chad Morris. I now as as the yeah You know like the guys like that you know brock purdy or somebody. WHO's like okay? He's he he you know you see good things from him. It wouldn't surprise you if like all of a sudden his team breaks through I don't know I think I would actually say so that this job for mold I would also I mean Carson Palmer's and other guy comes to mind who the difference between Palmer though Enjo borough was Carson Palmer came into college a huge recruit. You know he's five star everything. If there was a five star he was a he he was that guy. Nfl Scouts knew about him because he had a huge arm. I mean Joe was not that guy. Anybody was touting that way so when I was about to say is that this mold of guy who was pretty ordinary one year and then really improves. The next is actually pretty rare. It's usually either if it's usually one of two it's the guy who who already was pretty accomplished or two guy who flat out hadn't played you know collar. Marie hadn't really been the starter before. Winning the Heisman Lamar Jackson had barely started before he won the heisman. Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel were were Redshirt Freshman Regiment. So Spencer Rattler of the names I said would probably fit the mold more closely than some of these during Thompson Robinson types but by the way just one quick random thing when they were introducing everybody man. It's like seeing a ghost when Giannis up there at the end. I mean. He's the guy this is Eric Crouch was last decade. The Guy who who is the only guy from that decade right because everybody else is playing in the NFL. Yeah Yeah it's that whole show. I oh I think is Awkward it's just one big awkward show like act no other way to put it. They're doing what they gotta do. But I don't know it's it can be between between the former winners and just how slow paced it is I don't know I I'd rather it would just be like a half hour show. It was just get right to it. Okay all right. Well let's get to the rest of the podcast them. We ought to do a quick shot up to somebody who played eight earlier in the day before the heisman ceremony. And that will be Malcolm. Perry Navy's quarterback who went off as navy ends a three year losing streak to army. He went for over three hundred yards. A record a rushing rat army navy rushing record and also set the career army navy rushing record for through for his three three performances. I don't know how many people remember this at this. Point Malcolm Peres. A freshman was a guy who they pull out of the stands because they had an emergency with a quarterback injuries. He was a scout teamer and like pulled him out of the stands and put them into the game and here. We are three years later. He's going to go down as one one of the all time. Great Players for that program in that rivalry Couple of interesting things about Malcolm Perry. He ended up finishing the regular season right. Now as the nation's number two leading rusher behind Shuba he's actually a head of The aforementioned Jonathan Taylor JK Dobbins at this point at least in terms of rushing yards per for game. Here's a staff that I thought was very cool for him In the fourth quarter of games he averages over nine yards a carry. I think that speaks to kind of like what they do. And why they're so good at it I would not all be surprised by the way Malcolm Perry ends up on an NFL roster down the road. I just think he's that good. I mean you see the change the direction and he's a he's a player to watch and obviously that was a fun game to It's always a fun game to get the the days build up as it does People say they should delay the voting until after the bowl games. Perhaps they should be at least delaying it so after the Army Navy game because I bet he would get some. You're right he's now number two rusher in the country ahead of John Taylor. JK DOBBINS ALMONDS AJ Dylan transient. He probably gets votes. Yeah and so look there's been a bunch of there was a bunch of more. Coaching hires I wanted to ask you one. You liked in this past week and one. You didn't like well. I thought we saw the strangest. It's been kind of a ear of strange. Coaching hires but by far the strangest is Colorado state. Hiring Steve Adagio just on the surface you would say why on Earth are they hiring a guy with no connection to that part of the country who was basically a five hundred coach and his seven years of BBC and even going back temple like his. He's a career five hundred coach. He is the definition never. He never had a winning record in. ACC play in seven hours. which in some ways I think is a credit to BC forgiving him that it linked time? Bruce you talked to a lot of assistant coaches who are Trying to move up in the business and maybe even at the point where they are trying to get their first head coaching job. How do they feel when they see Steve Adagio being given a not just a third chance really Rather than them hiring somebody who's up and coming you know. Look I think you're right. I think it was. It is kind of a surprising higher. I think it's surprising in that. Like you pointed out you you know. He really has never been in that part of the country so it's not like you know where he seemed like a a geographical fit was where he came from in the northeast. And now you're GONNA put him out there Aaron. Who knows maybe maybe he will have made a bunch of changes from what he did at B. C. by the way BC is like that's a job where a lot of people have one now? Frank Stasio didn't win big but everybody else there before was winning eight nine. Some ten games ten games. And he really wasn't able to break breakthrough. I mean I think They were happy with with how he ran the program off the field Now Look as you said. Some of the players weren't through former players weren't anthro with some of that but I don't know it was just kind of like one of those hires kind of kind of roll your eyes at it and we'll see if he can get it going on their I did think if I was a BBC Fan. This was the higher I thought was the was. The best one was to go from Adagio. Who is kind of felt like just kind of flat lining a little bit there to bring in Jeff? Half Li y think is is a real home run hire for them. He's the Ohio State Defensive Coordinator and I think he. We'll do really well You know you mentioned the we're talking about urban Meyer a little bit. His name has been mentioned for the Dallas Cowboy job. He has talked talked about it. He did Colin Coward Show. I don't know could've been a month ago. where he talked about it? You know he was seen with the redskins. I wouldn't think no matter who it is whether it will be Lincoln Riley ear or Matt Ruler. Whoever mean to me that's a that's a rough job to go Daniel Snyder head coach? I wouldn't see that being the case. Now Bourbon Myers offered the Dallas Cowboy job. Who knows I mean? I didn't think urban Meyer would become back to coaching For another year at the earliest even but but you know the. NFL is a different animal. I'm sure it's intriguing. How do you think he would do as an NFL head coach? I mean just not specific to him. But in general the hit rate for college coaches going F. L. is not very good. I mean Nick. Sabin couldn't do it Steve. spurrier couldn't didn't do it for very long wasn't he wasn't a disaster. Like like spurrier was like Lou. Holtz was I mean I think some of that is you know if he had kept coaching a little longer. I mean I think he was on the right track so I I don't you know I think we shouldn't lump them in with the other two guys their peak Carol's kind of been an exception on both ends like He. He was the rare. NFL coach primarily NFL coach. Who Goes to college has massive success? And then turn right around and and I don't know if that point you can serve it out a college grocer in NFL Kosher both but you know obviously that higher has worked out tremendously. Well for Seattle I thought Dan Wilkins wrote a good column about this. Basically basically what about Urban Meyer would suggest that he would be a successful. NFL coach when you look at the things that he is known for first of all tremendous tremendous recruiter. That's irrelevant tremendous motivator of young players that I think anybody would tell you is completely different than what it takes. Nice to motivate professional athletes And he and then cliff. Kingsbury gets the job because he runs a scheme that NFL teams are evacuated with right. Now I think at one time urban certainly came from Utah to Florida. Maybe even Florida Ohio state was known as a real innovator offensively but I don't think by the end that that was really his mo either. I don't think he would go to the NFL on install some sort of revolutionary system so could be successful. Sure but I'm not sure what. WHOA Whoa what makes an NFL team thing? Other than the fact these are just a really big name that he would be the college coach. That is the exception member. He's never spent a day in the NFL. It's not like like Matt. Rule has spent some time in the NFL. He's never been in the NFL back to the podcast in a second. We talk about physical fitness fitness..

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