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Release GonNa make that pop right so if I sent you a handwritten note and then I sent you an email saying that you get my handwritten note chancellor you're probably going to open that email because you've got a handwritten note because it's ridiculous yeah all that free advertising now I think not to don't say linked in Lincoln sales now have is just is incredible like the things you can do with that that's bread-and-butter like I probably don't even need all the other tools that we have yet great but Lincoln Sales is just super powerful you know we use things like sales law or email cadences we use video card I actually use twitter as a prospecting tool which is a bit not normal I would say and then obviously spotify you gotTa have the plane love it love it is is there an element of Lincoln sales navigator that the you're using that maybe the most important valuable piece of that of that solution yet there is actually so I I actually gave some trainings on this internally command base there is a lot of different things you can use for which the average out say SDR maybe is not using maybe they are using those things called Leed shares ounce shares so when you're saving accounts right the good thing about it for SDR is you can save it individually by Rep you can create multiple lists for however many reps you had it from there you can save your leads into specific groups and then you can.

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